The Week: March 16th — 22nd

This week’s Photo of the Day, Etc includes:

March 16th: A ragged butterfly —

March 17th: An El Camino on El Camino Real —

March 18th: Different views of the Sandias —

March 19th: A lonely church —

March 20th: A snuggly kitten —

March 21st: Horsing around —

March 22nd: Arco Iris —

8 thoughts on “The Week: March 16th — 22nd

  1. Hi I am so happy you posted these like this! I wasn’t sure how to use the blog lovin plus I had to sign up for something and I can barely keep up with my blog and when I have going which is too much sometimes! I love all your photos! I do miss your posting them on WP so this is wonderful! Yay for that!

  2. I loved, and commented on tbe photo of the truck but missed the butterfly. I found inspiration that, even though it was battered and ragged, it still managed to get on doing what it was born to do. And the rainbow shot? Wow!
    Thanks for putting the links on WordPress: I don’t often use my laptop these days, using my phone on the go to keep up with blogs. I never managed to discover how to register properly on the website and it’s a bit tedious having to enter all my details each time I want to leave a comment. Just add idle to technically challenged on my list of IT deficiencies. Hope you and yours are all well. Julia

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