Let There Be Critters

Gwendolyn: “Did you say critters? I see!”

Black-chinned Hummingbird

The Rio Grande is running high.

Canadian Geese on the fly

First Dragonfly photo of the season.

New Mexico Whiptail Lizard. “Whip it. Whip it good!”

A slightly battered butterfly

Fire in the sky

Mystery Bird Nesting In Resa’s Tree

I was photographing the Western Bluebirds and Sparrows in and around Resa’s tree when I noticed one of them going into and coming back out of a hole in one of the branches. I could not see clearly enough through the camera to see the bird in the shadows, but I was expecting to see a Western Bluebird or Sparrow when I processed the photos. Much to my surprise, I did not recognize the little bird when I pulled the images up on my computer. I used one of the photos to identify the bird using the Merlin Bird ID app. The mystery bird turned out to be a Bewick’s Wren.

The Western Bluebirds are still hanging around Resa’s Tree. I assume they have a nest there, but I haven’t found it.

A sparrow on Resa’s Tree gave me a sly look.

The Bewick’s Wren perched near the hole in the branch.

The Bewick’s Wren was taking small branches into the hole in the tree limb where it has a nest and coming back out, hopping around on the tree limb before flying down to find another twig.

The female Redwing Blackbirds are still hanging out, flying between the tops of the cottonwoods during the day and roosting in Rebecca’s black bamboo at night. The above series shows a flock flying out from and back to the same cottonwood before moving to another cottonwood in the last photo.

Moonrise Dawn Birds & Dusk

And yet another Pink Moon rising put on white.

A colorful dawn. Resa’s tree throws out clouds.

House Finch on the tippy-top of the tree.

Rodney Red-tail in Gigi’s Tree.

Cooper’s Hawk fluffed up because it was cold, bleached white in the sunshine.

Dusk’s display

Pink Moon On The Move

I made a timelapse video of the April Pink moon moving through the clouds on Monday when it was 96% full. The more classic rock-style music in the video is reminiscent of what a slow-fingered guitarist might play in a guitar battle. The epic battle between Ralph Macchio and Steve Vai in the movie Crossroads comes to mind. Vai smokes Macchio in the battle, in my personal opinion, but in typical Hollywood fashion, Macchio, the underdog, wins the battle after the wild and crazy-looking Vai lays down his guitar and walks off the stage. Vai probably played the parts Macchio was supposedly playing.

The full moon is tonight, but it will be close to 8:00 pm before the moon rises over the mountains. Therefore, I will not get detail in the mountains when it rises tonight.

Pink Moon last night as the Bazooka saw it.

The pink Moon last night. The southern sky in the middle, and the western sky in the right.

Starting Easter Sunday through Wednesday, April 12th, there will be a conjunction between Venus and the Pleiades. You can see the Pleiades above Venus on the right side of the middle photo and the left side of the photo on the right.