Watch colors in cold
Nineteen in my underwear
Package is frozen

Pre-Beaver Moon Rising. I was in a parking lot. There is going to be a 500-year eclipse tonight way past my bedtime.

Hey! Beaver! Yoo-hoo! There’s going to be a Beaver Moon tomorrow night, eleven nineteen twenty-one. And a Beaver eclipse in the wee hours this morning. It’s going to be a hoot!

Oh! Really? A Beaver Moon you say? Is that like when Benny Beaver lifts his tail and shows use his beaver behind? I don’t want to be eclipsed. My hair is too short already. Nineteen? It was cold this morning.

No! You dimwit. The MOON! You know that big shiny thing in the sky? Eclipse is when the moon gets dim, like you. It has nothing to do with clippers! It was cold this morning.

Ducks In A Row

The conservancy is let more water into the Rio Grande from upstream. That has brought the water level up in the Clearwater ditch. the black speckles in the sky are crows flying on the crow highway that follows the Rio Grande.

The ducks are happy to be in the clearwater ditch again.

Burning through the sky.

Fall Back To Photos

After I “set up us the bomb” over the past two days with 1) my confabulations on free will, evil in the world, weed, euthanasia, and problem-solving through procrastination, among other answers to Eleanor’s questions, and 2) my psycho-delic visualization of T.U.L.I.P., I’m falling back with the time change, and offering straight photos that you can simply enjoy without a lot of thought or assault on your auditory system.

Shey’s tree finally turned yellow. It was holding out for the longest time. Jupiter is a spec of light in the upper right-hand corner of the photo.

Low hanging haze under mostly clear skies provided a nice gradation of colors in the after sunset glow. Venus is shining bright on the left.

Between Biblical and The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything

My friend Ron, who was born four days after me in the same hospital, we grew up together, and there is not I time that we can remember not knowing each other, sent me a photo of my horoscope as part of his wishing me a happy birthday. He commented that 41 days was an odd number of days to be extraordinarily lucky. Forty-one is truly an odd number, and prime, as it is only divisible by 1 and 41, and I told him it was odd because it was between Biblical and the answer to life, the universe, and everything. The horoscope is very positive. Another interesting aspect of the horoscope is that the first four of my lucky numbers add up to be my age, and the fifth number is Biblical.

I ended up doing a lot of errands on the way home from work, and a lot of different chores after I got home this afternoon. The weather was clouds moving through, being pushed by high winds and the temperature had dropped significantly from yesterday. Well after sundown, facing wind and cold, I walked out to the river and got photos of the cranes in the darkness, the wild clouds, and the colors lingering in the dusk.

Hunting The Hunter’s Moon

At dusk looking south with Venus overhead.

Jupiter only had two moons tonight. The bazooka is such a blast as it got a tiny Saturn with its rings.

The Hunter’s Moon making its way over the Sandias. Sandhill Cranes in the moonlight.

The Hunter’s Moon rising.

Moon tunnel. Moon glow through the trees.

Mia’s Tree under Venus.