Wasp In Winter

Wasp? Did I hear you say Wasp in winter?

Visualization of a recent update to Lovelorn Wasp made using https://vizzy.io.

Tristan found this wasp with her wings tucked under her while we were setting up for Reyes. Tristan put the wasp in a container with some honey to see how long she will last. The wasp may be an old lady since she was found snuggled up by herself in one of our cushions on the deck.

Towhees toodling together in Dr. Huey.

Freaky Friday! Sweet Child Of The Earth Of Mine

Some people will find this parody really creepy. It will certainly bug the hell out of other people. While a few people might even like the photos and footage of children of the earth, also known as Jerusalem Crickets and Potato Bugs. However you react, you might get a laugh out of me trying to fit “sweet child of the earth of mine” into the space of “sweet child o mine”. The lyrics are at the end of the post.

I was inspired to write the lyrics to this parody in February 2019 when I came across a Child of the Earth out trying to warm itself in the cold winter sun. I’ve worked on and off recording it for the past two and a half years. I got it to what Laurie thinks is a multi-dimensionally bloody awful state about 4 months ago. I was hoping to see a lot of Children of the Earth this summer to get more photos and footage of them, but, alas, no such luck. I borrowed footage from Jerusalem Crickets Only Date Drummers Deep Look, This Potato Bug Eats Everything! (Documentary), Killer Potato Bug Attack, and 9609 New Mexico Child Of The Earth (Another Journey in MyZahs life).

As a consolation prize, below are photos of the pTerodactyl doing a pterodactyl version of a hop, skip, and a jump, and cows in the cornfield.

Sweet Child Of The Earth Of Mine
Parody Lyrics by Timothy Price

It made me sad when I saw its face
Walking along in that lonely place
With a morning light so cold
Sun barely lit the sky

It seemed to shiver and it couldn’t run
trying to warm in that winter sun
And if it stayed too long
It would surely die

Oh-oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine
Oh, oh, oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine

Its eyes were fixed, perfectly still
All-round in the darkest brown
Couldn’t seem to show the pain
Of that cold hard ground

Vulnerable exposed in an unsafe place
Without a place to hide
Try to save it from the freezing pain
Or simply pass it by?

Oh-oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine
Oh, oh, oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine

Ooooooh! Oh-oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine
Oh, oh, oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine

Oh, oh, oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine
Oh, oh, oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine

Where did it go now?
Where did it go now?
Where did it go now?

Where did it go now?
Where did it go now?
Where did it go now?

Where did it go now?
Where did it go now?
Where did it go now?

Where did it go now?
Where did it go?

Where, where did it go now?

Where’d it go?
Where-ere-ere-where did it go now?

Where did it go now?

Where-ere-ere-ere-ere where did it go now?

Where did it go now?

Ooh oh oh where did it go now?

Where did it go?
Where did it go?

Whoa whoa whoa

🌟Enchilada🌟 Best Ever

Hi! I’m Skinny Bronze Mantis. I’m excited to help explain how to make the best ever Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas. The stupid Paparazzo and I will lead you through the steps as explained in Laurie’s “Thought for Food” journal.

Note: If you are vegetarian, simply leave out the chicken. If you are vegan, substitute dairy cheese with vegan cheese.

1 lb 6 oz or 21 oz (623.7 g) Grilled chicken thighs cubed
3 quarts (2.84 liters) chopped green chile
4 onions chopped and sautéed
40 yellow corn tortillas. 10 per layer cut in quarters.
2.5 lbs (1.13 kgs) Mexican Four Cheese Blend (Monterey Jack, Medium Cheddar, Queso Quesadilla, Asadero Cheese).
2.5 cups (591.5 ml) soup stock

First thing you have to do is start with the right attitude and correct posture.

To make the green chile enchilada sauce, chop and sauté the onions until they are golden brown. Chop the green chiles, Mix the sautéed onions, chopped green chiles and soup stock together. Divide into 4 equal portions, one for each layer.

Place the shelf in the middle height in the oven, and preheat the oven to 400º F (204.4º C) while you assemble the enchilada. You will make four layers. The first three layers are the same. Grease the bottom of a 17x13x3 inch pan (43x33x7.62 cm). Cut 10 yellow tortillas in quarters and cover the bottom of the pan. Measure out 7 oz (207 ml) of cubed grill chicken thighs, and spread evenly on the tortillas. Measure 10 oz of the cheese blend, and spread evenly of the tortillas and chicken. Spoon out the first of the four parts of the green chile enchilada sauce on the cheese and carefully spread out evenly over the cheese. Repeat the same order of layering for the next two layers.

The last layer only has tortillas, enchilada sauce and cheese. Normally, Laurie puts the cheese on top, but on this batch she was talking to Susan, got distracted and put the green chile enchilada sauce on top. Once all the layers are completed, place the enchilada on the middle shelf in the heated oven and cook for approximately 25 minutes or when it is heated through and the cheese on top is bubbling and starting to brown.

Set the table and serve it hot. After we eat our initial meal, we divide up the enchilada into serving sized containers and freeze the servings for lunches or whenever we feel like green chile chicken enchilada.

I had enchiladas with fried eggs for breakfast this morning.

We had clear blue skies all day. A few clouds rallied and popped into the sky for the painter at sunset.

Miss Mantis Models

Miss Mantis models
On a sunny sunflower
Sassy she can be

Miss Mantis hitched I ride on me as I made my way from the car to the house through our sunflower forest. I felt something walking around on the back of my arm giving me little love pinches. After I put down a load of books, my briefcase and some framed pictures I was taking inside, I looked at my arm, and there was Miss Mantis enjoying the ride. I put her on a plant on the deck until I got everything put away. I walked back out to the plant, and she was there waiting. I put out my hand, she hopped onto it and I took her out to a sunflower where she was a very good model. I didn’t want to leave her in the plants on the deck because the cats would get her. I had to rescue a praying mantis from the kittens few nights ago.

Hi There

Hi there!
You look like you live in a world that’s upside down
Everything is turned on its head
Nothing is the right way up
It must be dizzying
Living a topsy-turvy existence
Where you can’t tell reality from illusion
And so many others are delusional about their senses and beings