Globe to San Diego

Giant tires, probably from mining trucks, used to stabilize the embamkment at the hotel in Globe, AZ.

We had a clear, warm day for our drive from Globe, AZ to San Diego, CA. Arizona has nice rest stops at interesting locations. California has most of their rest stops in the median between the traffic lanes on Interstate 8. They were not at very interesting locations. Therefore, I didn’t really get any good photos from rest stops in California, so the photos change from Arizona to San Diego Bay.

Mining display across from a rest stop.


Saguaro cactus and lots of blue sky.
Saguaro down.


A rugged range in the middle of nowhere.
Lola in San Diego Bay.
Downtown San Diego from the top of San Diego Bay.
Moon behind three palms.

Balloons, Boats & Buzzards


We had a clear morning, not a cloud in sight, for the second day of the 48th Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Balloons launched in a mass ascension, but there was no wind to speak of, so the balloons hung over the balloon field for a couple of hours.


This pink flamingo boat is what I believe to be the first special shape boat to be on the Rio Grande during the balloon fiesta.  Kayakers, canoeists, and paddle boarders paddled, floated and shoved their way through the shallows of the Rio Grande as they watched the balloons.


My neighbor texted me that there were buzzards (Turkey Vultures) in the dead cottonwood a couple of properties south of us. There were still four hanging out in the tree sunning themselves and watching the balloons when I got there. Three flew off soon after I arrived, while the one remaining buzzard shook the dust out of its feathers and settled in to watch what was going on below.

Stormy Sunday


We had thunderstorms coming in from all directions this afternoon. The thunderstorm that built up over the Sandias was the most dramatic. While out on a walk before the storms, I encountered a little bit of wildlife.



Buckeye Butterfly

This video of the Great Purple Hairstreak Butterfly shows how it moves the flanges on the ends of its wings while it feeds. I assume it’s to fool predators into going after the flanges on its wings, giving it a chance to escape.

Blue Hairstreak

Silver kitty


Thunderstorm activity to the north.

Urban Watershed


If you haven’t brushed up on your geography lately, a watershed is an area where runoff collects into streams that drain into a river basin or particular body of water. In this example of an urban watershed, it occurs in a corner of the parking structure under the stairs. The urine runoff from the walls, and dark corner, collect into streams that drain into a big barf basin that is replenished by people who drink too much alcohol, or people having withdrawals, or people walking by who puke from the rancid smell of the urine streams. I’ve read that urban watersheds such as this have become much more common in urban landscapes across the country.