Spring Walk

After spending five hours dismantling desks, tables, and chairs and moving them to our new office building, I went on a walk to check on Nora Owl. On the way, I saw sparrows, a muskrat, an echelon of cranes, a cinnamon duck. No owlets popped their heads, up and Nora Owl gave me “mad dogs” when I called to see if any owlets were around. One good sign that the owlets might have hatched is Osric Owl was watching over Nora Owl from a nearby cottonwood. On the way back I saw a Flicker, a squadron of crazy Cormorants, a bluebird of some type, and another sparrow feeding on buds in Marina’s pear tree. The clouds were beautiful in the low sunlight about 30 minutes before sunset.

Muskrat nibbling on grass near its den.

Muskrat swimming with its mouth full of grass.

Nora Owl giving me “mad dogs”.

Osric Owl on his lookout branch.

Cinnamon Duck.

Sandhill Cranes still hanging around.

Intermission: My desk we moved from the office downtown to the new office. I build the desk in 1990. That is a light table on the left-hand side I used for sorting slides and transparencies before digital cameras. The desk on the floor is Dede’s desk that she designed and I built for her in 2007, I believe. it will go in the corner to the right of my desk. I will build Bruce’s desk in the corner to the left of my desk.


A squadron of crazy Cormorants.

A hover dove.

Barney Bluebird

Jack Sparrow

Clouds over the Sandias.

55 thoughts on “Spring Walk

  1. I love all the pretty critters, especially the cormorants.

    I went over to that Alameda Cemetery there after we were done for a bit. Always fascinated by those plot places- and I had no memory of this one being there until I saw it this weekend.

    • I’ve not do photos in that cemetery, but I’ve done sunrise and moon shots from the lot in front of the cemetery. Thanks, Bruce.

  2. A lot of birds. Good thing you got the corner slot for your desk. Two windows to look out of is better than one, and substantially better than none. 🙂

    • We each get a corner, but I get the window corner. We had no windows in our area in the old building. Thanks, David.

  3. Nice to find some moments of rest after a hard days work. Your new office looks very cosy. What a great collection of birds this time, it must have been your lucky day 🙂

    • Thanks, Marina. That desk was built for a specific office in the upstairs. Then we moved it downstairs for several years, then we moved it upstairs again. The we moved it to a different space upstairs and I had to cut a foot off the right end to make it fit. Now it’s in a new building. It’s made the rounds over the past 31 years.

  4. Love those cormorants. Are the open beaks of some indicative of in flight squawking or breath gathering? And may I ask, what is your company’s business, Tim? Love to the kitties…

    • Hi Maj & Sher. We do facility evaluation, facilities master planning, facility programing, master planning, ADA surveys and other kinds of architectural related activities. But we don’t do architecture.

      I didn’t hear the cormorants squawking but that doesn’t mean anything.

  5. Corner window space – SCORE!
    All those beautiful pictures and that cinnamon duck! Yet another I’ve never seen… beautiful.

  6. What a beautiful selection of photos from the bosque, Tim, and an especially bright and cheery end photo of the river and Sandias!

    I like the desks you built.

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