Socked, Boxed, Deodorized


Since I can’t bring myself to drive to Target and negotiate their horrible parking lot, I simply ordered what I needed online and had it delivered. It was so much easier and the cats got a new box.



Spunk and Marble

Marble, Gwendolyn, and Spunk

Gwendolyn and Spunk


Sandhill Cranes

Interesting sunset in a crystal clear sky. Venus is on the left.

Bottoms Up!

The Mallards are happy to have water in the clearwater ditch again.

Taking flight.

Jake was having a ball running and shaking on the beach.

The Sandias from the beach. Clouds over the Rio Grande. Beaver Dam in the clearwater ditch

Cranes grazing in the orchard.

Lunar Lineup

Jupiter, Crescent Moon, and Venus in a bent line. Saturn’s between Jupiter and the Moon, but it’s not bright enough to show up in the wide-angle photo.

Moon over the Rio Grande at dusk.

Moon over cranes in the Rio Grande at dusk.

Moon in the Tangle Heart Tree.

Jupiter with moons and stars.

Cranes: What’s the big deal? We could fly up to the moon if we wanted to!