Trees for Teagan

This photo is of two old gnarly Cottonwoods behind the shed. They are very difficult to photograph individually, so these come as a pair.

Teagan, of Teagan’s Books, and I have been following each other for years, and for some reason, Teagan had not claimed a tree. Here are the remaining cottonwoods on the property and a Blues Spruce she can choose from. If none of these seem fitting, there are a lot more trees in the bosque.

Dwarf Blue Spruce on the north side of the house. It was a tiny tree when we planted in in 2001.
This is an old Cotton by the 280 ZX. A lot of branches have broken off of it over the years, leaving it sinuous and sparse. This is a view of it looking south.
This is a view of the 280 ZX tree looking east.
This is the young Cottonwood look south. It gets obscured in winter by all the other trees around it.
You cottonwood and Dot’s Black Bamboo looking west.
Young cottonwood looking west.

Trees in the Snow

Resa’s Tree

Snow has fallen most of the day. After I got home, I went out and photographed the trees on our property that have been claimed.

Robin’s Tree
Tiffany’s Tree? I don’t remember if Tiffany claimed this tree or not.
Susan’s Tree
Resa’s Tree from a different point of view
Susan’s Tree from a different point of view
Birds foraging in the snow
Lyn’s Tree with Resa’s Tree in the back ground
Black bamboo bowing low in the snow

The Twelfth Day of Bosque Christmas

Tomorrow is Epiphany, the 12th day of Christmas. I wrote a version of the Twelve Days of Christmas using the bosque animals that starts with the 12th day of bosque Christmas. Special guest Suzette Presti was gracious enough to do the vocals. Enjoy.

The Twelfth Day of Bosque Christmas
Lyrics by Timothy Price
Vocals: Suzette Presti
Arrangement: Timothy Price
Guitar, bass, percussion: Timothy Price

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me
Twelve coyotes crooning
Eleven flickers flitting
Ten finches feeding
Nine seagulls sailing
Eight badgers burrowing
Seven cats a purring
Six crows a cawing
Five beaver slaps
Four geese honking
Three cranes in flight
Two owls to hoot and
A pterodactyl in the Tangle-Heart Tree.

Two Owls, A Pterodactyl in the Tangle-Heart Tree

Pterodactyl (Great Blue Heron) perched on the Tangle-Heart Tree.

While I was out in the bosque at sunset, I saw two owls in a cottonwood, and a pterodactyl (Great Blue Heron) in the Tangle-Heart Tree. I also photographed cranes against a colored sky, and two ducks in the dark.

Great Horned Owl in a cottonwood.
Pterodactyl flying, framed by the end of the Tangle-Heart tree.
Cranes against the colored sky.
Great Horned Owl on a branch above the first owl.
Male Mallard. Mr. Duck in the dark.
Female Mallard. Mrs. Duck in the dark.

Night Clouds

From left to right: Resa’s tree, Robin’s tree, unclaimed trees and Susan’s tree.

As Suzette was leaving after having black eyed peas for new year’s, she texted me that the clouds looked really cool behind the trees. I ran out and took photos. A third moon was hanging in the western sky.


Orion’s Belt at that top of the photo.

Trees for Lyn

Young cottonwood

Lyn Wilderdean would like to join the tree club with Mia, Resa, Robin and Holly, and have her own tree. I have posted four available trees that photograph fairly well for Lyn to choose from.

The first two photos are of a young, volunteer cottonwood that propagated in the irrigation water. Laurie raised it from a sapling after it sprang forth around 2002. It’s rare to get volunteer cottonwoods.

The third photo (taken today) and fourth photo (during summer, in bloom) are of our Chitalpa that Tristan gave to Laurie for Mother’s Day in 2002. It was heavily damaged from a late hard frost in 2005. We thought we might lose it, but it has come back in a unique shape.

The fifth photo is a gnarly old cottonwood on the eastern edge of our property. The six photo is a big old cottonwood on the southern edge of the property.


Chitalpa in bloom
Gnarly old cottonwood
Big old cottonwood