Caution Precaution

Spunk helping Laurie with her Chaucer research by reading the Caterbury Tails written by Chaucer’s cat Argos.

Eyes are upon you
Peeking through the heated grates
Caution Precaution

Ringo the Ring-neck Duck

“Damn! I hate it when that happens!”


Two O’Clock Shadow

Moon shadow at 2:00 am

I went to bed before the moon rose last night. However, I woke up at 2:00 am and walked out with the moon and the stars. The moon was so bright it was casting very sharp shadows. My moon exposures were major to say the least.

The sky at 2:00 am illuminated by a super Strawberry moon.

Super Strawberry moon, 99.9% full, at 2:00 am. My exposure was 1/2500 of a second, ƒ/7.1 at 100 ISO. I believe that is the first time I have gotten that much detail in a supermoon.

Blue grosbeak

We have not seen Peter, Paul, and Mary for the past three nights. They probably flew further south in search of food. However, we did see three beavers feasting on willows.

Bullfrog, a female Wood duck in the Clearwater ditch, and a male Wood duck in the Rio Grande.

Conjunction? Not!

Behind all those clouds Jupiter and Venus were conjoining. It’s supposed to be clear on Friday morning for the second conjunction of Jupiter and Venus.

Since I couldn’t see the conjunction, I was hoping for a colorful sunrise, but no such luck.

While it might look like Daisy Duck was gabbing to Donald Duck, she was chasing insects.

A very large wasp ran up to me and then turned and retreated when I moved my foot.

Daisy and Donald kept flying by us and landing ahead of us.

Mama Owl, Tres Wowlets, and Daddy Owl.

Donald and Daisy otra vez.

Clouds over Resa’s, Tiffany’s, and Gigi’s trees in the late afternoon.

Owl Moon Sky

Daddy Owl going “Aak! Aak! Aak!”

Daddy owl let me get close again tonight, and he paused from posing to puke up a pellet. I felt honored to be part of his pellet puking circle.

Back to posing.

The moon is a little over half full tonight at 64.3%.

Since we had cloud cover for the first two days I would have seen the sliver moon, I only have the seven moonshots so far in February.

Catching air

From the Ministry of Silly Walks on Water.

Sunset looking to the southeast over the Rio Grande.

Trees and clouds at dusk looking northwest from the levee.


Icy wind picks up
Pulls leaf free from snowbound hold
Underfoot no more

Today’s wind was favorable for the leaf that was snowbound last night. The leaf was blown free of its icy hold, left lying peacefully off to the side of the trail no longer underfoot. Below is The Who’s “I’m Free” live in 1977 to celebrate the leaf’s luck of the draw.

Daddy owl eyeing me through a tangle of twigs.

This American Coot was foraging on the sandbar. Then it started to take flight and decided against it.

pTerodactyl trying to hide behind a tumbleweed.

Venus at dawn under clear skies.

After having cloud cover for most of the day, these were the last few clouds hanging around at sunset.