I’m A Lobo Lunatic

Video of Mosby singing with my accompaniment. I added footage of wolves playing in the snow.

A few days before Christmas, Tristan asked if I had any extra guitar cases for acoustic guitars. I had a gig bag I told her she could have. The next day she said she didn’t need the gig bag after all because the guitar they were going to give to Craig’s nephew for Christmas was broken. I told her I’d donate a guitar for them to give him for Christmas. Of course, that meant I needed to replace the guitar. A few weeks before Christmas, Marina “adopted” a wolf for us at the Wolf Conservation Center in New York as a gift. His name is Mosby. When I was looking for a replacement guitar I remembered that Luna made a Wolf guitar. I found a Luna Wolf Guitar and ordered it.

The Wolf Conservation Center sent a video of Mosby howling with two other wolves who are off-camera. I recorded music to Mosby’s howling in the video yesterday using a jazz guitar and my 7-string guitar for the rhythm guitars. As luck has it, my Luna Wolf Guitar came in today, and the full Wolf Moon rose tonight. When I got home from work, I recorded a track with the wolf guitar and replaced the jazz guitar track with the track I played on the Wolf guitar. Then I went out to the river and photographed the Wolf Moon rising.

The Lobo Lunatic playing the Luna Wolf Guitar with the Wolf Moon rising behind him.

A full view of the Luna Wolf Guitar. It has Rosewood back and sides and the collage on the top is made with Rosewood, Zebrawood, Paduk, Bird’s Eye Maple, Koa, and Flame Maple. The neck markers are the moon phases with the full moon at the 12th fret. It has Fishman electronics and a built-in tuner. It’s a really beautiful guitar. It plays well and sounds great.


Lavender Crows

Lavender Crows taking a break in Lavender Trees

Although it will be Monday before the moon does not pass the meridian, the Wolf Moon starts today. A lavender circle catches the echoes from the collective howls of wolves around the world as they become active searching for food, looking for mates, and preparing to breed under the Hunger Moon in February.

Sasha: “Did I hear you say wolves?”

Coloring Between The Lines

I was thinking we were going to have a sky full of colorful clouds at sunset, but as the sun went down the clouds above the lines of clouds disappeared and most of the color was trapped under and between the lines of clouds.

Crows flying under the moon.

Horse smooch from Mustang Hazel.

Clouds to the northwest.

The painter colored between the lines.

Come Together… Over Me

Daddy Owl (left) and Mama Owl came together over me tonight.

The geese were really cranky this evening. They did take a break from cranking to do synchronized preening.

Mama Owl

Late afternoon to sunset.

Daddy Owl looking at Mama Owl who’s giving the Paparazzo the squint like Clint.

The Devil’s In The Dually

I left the office late this evening, so I had to do a drive-by of the clouds and contrails at sunset. While I was sitting behind a dually at the light, I noticed the Devil staring at me through the tailgate. He was using the holes my headlights made reflecting in the tailgate to see what was going on. Satin is a shifty little devil when it comes to shapes and reflections.

I was late because we replaced 55 fluorescent fixtures on our tenant’s side of the building with 55 LED fixtures. It was quite an undertaking, and I can feel rigor mortis settling in trying to stiffen up my joints. I’ll be contorted and stiff by morning like when Silver gets a case of Cater-Mortis.

Drive-by of clouds and contrails at sunset.


Epiphany was on Thursday, but we celebrated this evening with Cocido MadrileƱo and Spanish chocolate outside with fires to keep us warm.

The morning sky was magnificent.

I started splitting wood for the fires this morning. Craig and Lane continued splitting wood when they came over in the afternoon.

Sunset was beautiful.

Fires kept us warm.

The clouds cleared and the stars showed brightly.