Broken Cycle

My car with windswept snow in the parking lot on Old Route 66 between 2nd and 3rd Streets.

Our months-long dry spell was broken today with a major windstorm, followed by snow.

The snow was still faling when I got home.

Silver and Sasha enjoying a warm counter.

Dale’s peach tree with Resa’s Tree in the background.

Snow caused the black bamboo to bend over and cover Marina’s Tree. The top of Lavinia’s tree is showing on the left.

Catio in the snow.

My decadent birthday dinner: home made, hot and spicy, green chile cheese fries.

Day Glow Peach

You can look through the peach leaves portal into the future. If you are quick you may see what will pass.

Dale, @ A Delectable Life, rightly noticed that her Peach Tree had not been getting much attention. Here it is in day-glow peach.

I couldn’t resist doing an Over/Under shot. Inspired by Marina.


That Yellow Glow

The burning bush. Tamarisk.

Cottonwoods’ glowing yellow in the twilight.

Holly’s Tangle Heart Tree watching the other cottonwoods go yellow.

Yellow cottonwoods on along the levee and trail that goes to Beaver Point.

Shey’s Tree is turning more slowly than the trees around it.

Yellow glow in panorama.

Cottonwoods along the irrigation ditch.

Susan’s Tree.

Resa’s Tree.

Tiffany’s Tree.

Furry Frost Friday

This may be it for me. I’m tired of WordPress lying and forcing crap on me that I don’t want to deal with. WP techs told me the Classic Editor would always be available through the Admin page. Lowdown and behold, October 1st rolls around and it’s now the Classic “Blockhead” Editor. I’ve been blogging everyday for over 10 years now. Maybe this is a sign to give it up for a while. It’s not that I can’t learn to use the “blockhead” editor, it’s that I’m tired of being forced to use things I don’t want to use and there is no good reason WP has to have a “blockhead” editor and force people to use it.

Bird Watching

Gwendolyn: “Hey Paparazzo! You’re scaring away the birds!”

The kittens love sitting on the windowsill looking out at the beautiful view, but especially they like watching the birds that flit around in the foliage right outside the window.