Søren. I know you tell the cats to “STOP” all the time and they don’t listen to you. What makes you think they can read?

Silver caught Cator Mortis from Loki. Glenda is the black cat in the foreground in the middle picture.

Sky views

Moon at sunset

Caw of the wild. I think this is a whiny juvenile crow.

These flowers grow from bulbs. They are like a cross between a Shasta Daisy and a sunflower.

A fine end to the day

Contemplating Eschaton


Prime time loosed Laudes shades
Colors fly on clouds at dawn
Sunflowers’ faces looking east
Contemplating eschaton

Drama of their world
Between what is and what will be
A risen sun, the end of summer
From Terce to Sext to Nones is eternity

Arcoíris pulls on Vespers
Eternal promise lights cut dim
Sun checks out at Compline
Martins tucks it in

Sunflowers tall bow their heads
Rooted firmly holding sand
Contemplating darkness see
The end is at hand


Miss Mantis Models

Miss Mantis models
On a sunny sunflower
Sassy she can be

Miss Mantis hitched I ride on me as I made my way from the car to the house through our sunflower forest. I felt something walking around on the back of my arm giving me little love pinches. After I put down a load of books, my briefcase and some framed pictures I was taking inside, I looked at my arm, and there was Miss Mantis enjoying the ride. I put her on a plant on the deck until I got everything put away. I walked back out to the plant, and she was there waiting. I put out my hand, she hopped onto it and I took her out to a sunflower where she was a very good model. I didn’t want to leave her in the plants on the deck because the cats would get her. I had to rescue a praying mantis from the kittens few nights ago.