49 thoughts on “Pipes

    • Nora is safe. The project is along the way to Nora. Tractors are great supervisors. Thanks, Rebecca.

  1. Coincidentally our area has been under the spell of an irrigation project, only the pipes here are concrete and huge! They could serve as shelters! Unfortunately our tractor is not as nice, a rusty green one moving back and forth! Glad they’re not disturbing the Owl family!

  2. Nice clean Farmall tractor. Somebody appreciates and cares for the older equipment! Help me out here: what will the finished irrigation project be, in other words what will the water delivery system be? Sprinklers, drip, flood or what? That’s a massive amount of piping!

    • Hi Maj & Sher. I assume they will be flood irrigation like I do. I think they are replacing open ditches with pipes.

    • I don’t think beavers have anything to do with it. Instead of open ditches like I have they are going to pipe the water.

  3. That tractor is shining beautifully! We have a similar one back at the LakeHouse that Sweet Man refurbished. We love it and use it often.
    Happy Tuesday Tim!

  4. Hopefully, the pipes won’t affect the water in your ditch. You’d hate to see idled beavers and muskrats with nothing to do.

    • They will effect water our way when it’s in use. I’m down stream of that project. The beavers only go to the irrigation ditch to play when it has water in it. Thanks, David.

  5. I can relate. We have a sewer relining & intersection remodelling going on outside my home. It sounds like Godzilla vs King Kong out there. I’m losing my mind, whatever is left of it.
    The good news is that it will be finished in summer – 2022!!!

    • I can feel for you. A few months after we moved into the first apartment in Madrid, Spain, the city started on a new Metro stop and it went on 24 hours a day for the year and a half we were in that apartment. Godzilla vs King Kong is a good description of the noise.

      • 🎼ARRGGHHHH…🎶..sssNAARRlllll, ZZrrrrr Zrrr, etc. It’s a symphony of machinery and cement!🎶

      • I’m sure I could make noises better than sing. Let’s try a parody when your work is done and hands heal.
        I’m thinking the songs “Lovers Concerto” (turned into Construction Concerto)OR
        even “Downtown”… something to do with down in the sewer…. or “Down in the Boondocks”?

      • We’ll have to do it. I know Downtown, but Lovers Cencerto is not ringing a bell. I’ll look it up.

      • Hahaha! Maybe Working In A Coal Mine is a good one.
        At least Downtown (Down Hole) is easy-ish to sing!

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