Ether Blue Spaghetti

I moved our 48 port switch to the new building today. I got 3-foot long patch cables because I didn’t know where in the rack I was going to put it. The screws that were left in the rack are slightly too small, so they pulled out of the holes under the weight of the switch. So the switch is on top of the rack for the time being with a mess of spaghetti-like patch cables all over it. We also got Internet installed today and the alarm techs were installing new alarm equipment since the old alarm was old and the person who installed it is long gone. The old alarm system didn’t call out to anyone, so if it got set off, then only people who would know about it are the tenants on the west side of the building. We will be able to monitor and control the new alarm system from our phones. I got Bruce’s desk built between working on wiring, answering questions for the alarm, and tracking down the wiring for the WiFi.

A wider view of the wries, surveillance monitor, the new alarm controller on the right, the old telephone system punch blocks, and the electronic access box.

Bruce’s desk that I was using to test the Internet.

The Internet we installed is 50MBps up and down highspeed wireless. The test is showing faster speeds.

Loki is a bit dazed by all the tech talk.

Guess who?

Daddy owl looking like a king with a royal robe wrapped around him.

Mama Owl was peeking over the edge tonight.

The forecast is for snow tonight. I believe it.

47 thoughts on “Ether Blue Spaghetti

  1. That blue spaghetti is way outta my zone!
    That is quite the sky! We’re getting a few more super days and then they’re calling for snow on Sarurday. I hope they’re wrong. March is not trustworthy, though!

    • We are supposed to have snow tonight and tomorrow and then sunny again for several days starting on Friday.

  2. You’ve been busy getting the new office set up. Daddy owl looks magnificent in his feathery robe, and Mama owl is staying close to her nest. I always enjoy seeing them!

    Those clouds look pretty turbulent, and like they could snow. I hope we are out of snow season now up here. It was sunny and high 50s today.

  3. Ah, the spaghetti cat6 – my life for many a year which was a nightmare for my OCD. Best of luck with the weather, we are simply getting drenched with the day/night long deluge of rain. Nice clear shot of the Daddy.

    • The weather has been cold, windy with rain or snow depending on the elevation. Thanks, Bruce.

  4. I should invite your cats over to the new office because they probably would like the spaghetti condition. I remember Mr. Bowie kept me company while I was re-wiring the studio. But on the other side, cats messing with wires would probably mean your speed would drop down a lot…

    • Know what I’m doing my be a bit questionable. But I manage to muddle my way through. Thanks, Couriers.

    • Since I live the nightmare, I don’t have nightmares. I do have really weird dreams. Thanks, Mary Jo.

  5. That’s some delicious spaghetti there! Especially as they are dust free, new and so well organized. I dread turning my rack on the other side!!!!!
    I love those ear tufts!
    I don’t know about snow, but this sky is gorgeous with the tree silhouettes.

  6. You’re quite adventurous using single color ether cables. I keep my ether cables color coded and tagged so I know what connects where. Moving from the old house to North Ranch, moving the network was the hard part. About 5 years ago, AT&T installed fiber optic lines into the valley. In giving the permission to lay the fiber cable, JN Ranch asked and received free fiber optic installation into their complex and into North Ranch. We don’t do wireless internet in our LAN since Laurie and Andrea need a secured connection when they work from home. The wireless side of our network is for our printers and smartphones.

    Did you get the snow? We had about an inch overnight.

    • When I tested the ports in the block, I noticed the numbers matched the numbers on the ports in various parts of the office. So I could use on color and match the ports in the block to the ports in the switch. Thanks, David.

  7. This is a very nice set of photos (but I am not sure I want to eat those spaghetti!), Is Loki connected now? Can he chat on the web? Does he like that? (my cat (chat in French) chat sometimes!

    • Loki is not really interested in Internet connections. He makes his on etherial connections. Spunk is the kitty who likes to watch videos and whatever I’m doing on the computer. Thanks, Flo.

    • Not particularly. But it has to be done. I’d rather be photographing and making music if I could really have it my way. Thanks, Tiffany.

  8. What a tangled blue web you’ve weaved, Tim. I forget that there is a great deal of wires, pipes etc that are housed behind the wallsI love your workspace, especially the windows.

    • Thanks, Rebecca. The walls hide all kinds of stuff. I got the office mostly together yesterday. Its really nice.

  9. Norm’s studio is filled with spaghetti! Some of it isn’t even used/attached/whatever. It’s just all still there. He spent a day cleaning it up, but there’s tons more.

    • Hi Resa. IT, music, high fi it doesn’t matter, They produce spaghetti. Lots and lots of spaghetti.

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