WKWE Presents


World Kitty Wrestling Entertainment is back with Spunk the Spartan versus Silver the Slammer. Spunk has Silver in a full body press seated senton. Referee Loki looks on.


Silver is holding tight as Spunk tries a skin the cat under forearm stink face to roll Sliver over. Ref Loki is getting distracted.


Oh no, the skin the cat under forearm stink face fails, so Spunk tries a bionic bite on Silver’s paw. Ref Loki is distracted and misses Spunk’s illegal biting move.


Silver’s broken free with a corkscrew reversal and leg lariat to Spunk’s midsection. Ref Loki is missing in action, missing the action.


Silver goes for a spinning nose hold tilt-a-whirl crossbody facewash with a claw laced eye-rake. Ref Loki is looking at everything but the action.


Silver drops the hammer executing a prefect cartwheel splash somersault senton and rolls Spunk onto his back. Silver has Spunk pinned, but Ref Loki is in LaLa Land.


Spunk does a reverse shining wizard to break free of Silver’s hold that had him pinned. Ref Loki ignores the action.


Silver is fed up with the match, and walks off. Ref Loki tries to act clueless while Spunk thanks him for throwing the match.


WKWE fan Lola reacts to the match.

Raw From Off Center


This week’s improvisation is called Saturday’s Improv (not a very creative title I know). I find playing lead guitar solo improvisations are very difficult. Coming up with fresh melodies is most frustrating. So I’ve started laying down base tracks: percussion, rhythm guitar and bass, and them playing improv solos all the way through the song, and taking them however they come out. I laid down all the tracks and the solo work today between watering, doing chores around the house, and taking a couple of walks in the bosque. There are two different guitar solo improvs that are very raw as the song goes back and forth between modes. I’m having lots of fun, and thought I might as well share the fun. I’ve include photos of Loki, Spunk and Marble, a photo of pear blossoms, and a photo of my darkroom/music studio showing the 10 tracks that make up Saturday’s Improve on the computer screen.

My music studio in my darkroom.
Pear blossoms

Wearing Out

Loki giving me the paw through one of the holes in the hammock.

This is the first hammock I made for the kitties. I added a second hammock not too long after hanging this one so the kitties didn’t have to wait so long the do their hammocking. The second hammock also cut down on the cat fights for the hammock. Now both hammocks end up in use at the same time, so the kitties will still line up to wait their turns, and they still fight over the hammocks when hammock hogs spend too much time in them. Sadly, though, the first hammock is wearing out and it won’t be long before it’s mostly bare threads and I’ll have to replace it.