Paint the Light Dramatic

We did get rain, snow, and high winds last night and most of the day. We got rain in the valley, but the Sandias and foothills got snow with really high winds.

The afternoon light from the sun peeking through the clouds was intense on the cottonwoods.

Looking SE to SW after sunset.

The Sandias with clouds at sunset.

Cottonwoods, dry irrigation ditch, and gate.

Looking west.

Dramatic light on the Sandias.

63 thoughts on “Paint the Light Dramatic

      • I love the work of Georgia O’Keefe. I visited her home one time and loved driving around New Mexico. I have good friends living in Santa Fe and so am hoping one day to get back there again. Thank you Timothy:)

  1. Van Gogh would be so overwhelmed with these, he’d be in a painting frenzy!!!!
    Le Grande Gasp for me…
    I expect to be here for many many days, so I hope you don’t mind me having your post open constantly!
    Speechless, my friend!

  2. These are spectacular photos, Tim, every one of them. The dark sky and bright angled sun are favorite subjects of mine. Even the drainage ditch is an object of beauty. Thank you. These photos have made my morning, reminding me of all the many wonderful and good things out there in the world.

    • Hi Mary-Jo. Our cottonwoods don’t bloom with the red or green pre-tatone blossoms of sorts until late May or early June. The they burst forth with cotton at the end of June and early July. So there is lots of flammable cotton around for fireworks to set ablaze. Currently, they a budding with the sticky shells that fall on the cars and leave little sticky marks all over the cars’ hoods, roofs and rear windows..

  3. Wow! The lights are astonishing, and your photos are too. The last one is particularly beautiful, this gold color on top of the mountains is amazing and the clouds look fluffy and coton like. Did you have troubles with the snow and the wind?

    • Thanks, Flo. I did not have trouble with the snow and wind. The wind caused a lot of power outages in various parts of the city, however.

  4. Oh my Tim… Your skies are so dramatic… our skies never see that colour mostly grey overcast, or pale blue…. We have had a few morning sunrises which have cast their glow… But nothing like your images…
    Hope all is well with you …. Hope your weather is being kind… 🙂

    • HI Sue. Since we live in the valley the fierce winds blew over us. The winds in the heights took out power and caused a lot of problems. We are doing well considering. We are getting our second round of vaccines in the morning. Things are a little crazy for me moving our office into a new building. Our governess has ordered all teachers back to the classrooms on April 5th. After all the chaos she caused with her heavy-handed lockdowns, she is now going to cause as much, maybe more, chaos ordering schools to reopen at full capacities while trying to keep students socially distant with everyone wearing masks. Like right!

      • YEP…. same in the UK….. chaotic … and its child abuse…. Lots I could say Tim… But I won’t……… I could cry some days… But that too is not going so help any…
        So pleased your valley was spared…. We have high winds here again today and this evening…. Blowing a gale outside right now… But nothing like the winds you see.. So we are lucky…
        Stay blessed..

  5. OMG! May I use those Cottonwood pics? One would be for the next episode of PBH &the AGMs.
    The other for the gown post. I know it’s a bit away, but they look like an Art Gown.

  6. Tim I could really fall in love with the beauty you are surrounded with and know why you love it there. I love the pictures of the cottonwoods. Crazy beautiful. ❤️🤗

    • BTW did you see my latest parody I posted last Sunday? It’s called Frumpy Man. I think you will enjoy it.

      • No but I can’t wait I will get my computer out for this treat. It is easy to get lost in your site. There are so many beautiful photographs of the trees, sunsets, birds, even beavers. Your owls captivate me they are magnificent creatures. I will let you know what my impressions were especially if is what I think it might be. Love ❤️ J

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