Same Old Stuff

Daddy Owl sits in the same old spot, basking in the yellow light of the low-hanging sun.
The Sandias turn the same old pink under clear blue skies.
The same old constant stream of crows flying from nowhere to somewhere at dusk.
Cranes land on the same old sandbar.
The same old flying V head into the sunset.
The same old sunset colors surround the trees.
The same old stars hanging in the east.
Same old stars hanging in the west.
Same old Jupiter peeking through the trees in the southern sky.

I took the same old walk. Got the same old photos. The same old stuff.

Come Together… Over Me

Daddy Owl (left) and Mama Owl came together over me tonight.

The geese were really cranky this evening. They did take a break from cranking to do synchronized preening.

Mama Owl

Late afternoon to sunset.

Daddy Owl looking at Mama Owl who’s giving the Paparazzo the squint like Clint.

Loading Up The Z

Not a cloud in the sky tonight after several days of cloudy skies. We even got a little rain. The temperature was 28º F (-2.22º C) at sunset. It’s going to be really cold tonight.

We hired Cary with Cary’s Garage here in Corrales to get Tristan’s 1980 Datsun 280ZX back on the road. It’s been sitting under Gabriela’s cottonwood for the past 7 years. The starter had caught on fire in 2014, and we never got around to replacing it.

The footage Laurie took of the loading is quite entertaining.

Cranes flying into the sunset from a few nights back.

Cranes On The Water, Fire Rainbows In The Sky

The cranes were flying in and landing on the Rio Grande in bunches. Click on photos to enlarge them.

These are not technically Fire Rainbows (very rare) because we are below 55º north latitude, and the sun was much lower than 58º above the horizon as the sun was setting. However, the clouds were cirrus, and they obviously had ice crystals acting like prisms refracting sunlight and creating a firey rainbow effect. They are probably run-of-the-mill rainbow clouds.

Sunrise and a crescent moon peeking through the clouds.

Pink clouds make a halo around the Tangle Heart Tree.