Beowulf Xtreme Box Blockers

Sasha blocking the Xtreme blender box with Beowulf for backup

Whenever we place a box on the counter, all the cats go crazy over it, especially Sasha and Spunk. Many years ago, we were burning out run-of-the-mill blenders every two weeks making smoothies, frozen margaritas, soups, and whatever else would blend. Eleven years ago I broke down and bought an industrial 3.0 HP blender. We finally wore that one out, with a little help from the ghosts who would turn it on and off at 3:00 am. The ghosts were probably ROTFLTAO watching the two of us muddling around in the middle of the night trying to figure out where the jet engine sound was coming from. I had to start unplugging the blender at night. I replaced the 3.0 HP blender with a 3.5 HP Xtreme industrial blender.

Laurie was using the Xtreme blender box to scan Beowulf in the original Old English with her iPad. She scans Latin and Old English texts and then writes on the scanned text on her iPad while she’s translating it.

Intermission: I received a package from France. It’s a book of French comics.

Spunk says Sasha may look like a tough Xtreme box blocker, but, as you can see, she is no longer blocking the box. I think Spunk is better at channeling his inner Beowulf. The old worn-out blender is on the table in the background.


40 thoughts on “Beowulf Xtreme Box Blockers

  1. I had forgotten about the ghosts and night time noises. Love seeing Spunk and Sasha jockeying for box blocking position. Are you enjoying the new industrial strength blender?

    • Hi Susan. Laurie said it sent everyone scrambling, and she said she about flew into the mirror when she first turned it on. Although Beaker didn’t fly into the mirror because she warned him. Smart bird. We get our second shot tomorrow morning.

    • Getting foreign packages is interesting, especially when they use a lot of stamps. That last early morning the ghosts were messing with the blender was the morning of the day Spunk disappeared. Maybe the ghost too him hostage.

      • I love stamps… I mean sticking stamps on a package / envelope. It looks so much nicer with them! As for the ghost, they better behave or else I’m sending Hera over!! 🤣😂👻

      • When I mail stuff to Europe, the postoffice just sticks a boring label on it. I probably should stick some stamps on it to make it look better.

    • You got all the Bs in there. Beasties is right, but not necessarily little. Thanks, Mary Jo.

  2. Tim – this is the third time around for reading your post – so many delicious stories, beginning with your blender journeys. I laughed out loud envisioning you and Laurie in the dark trying to figure out where the jet engine sound was coming from. A 3.5 HP blender – now that is epic power in your kitchen, which would please Beowulf! I was intrigued by Laurie’s ability to translate Latin and Old English. What a brilliant idea to use scans to an iPad. And then receiving a book for French comics. There is never, ever a dull moment at your place. I’m heading over now to see the blender in action. Have a great day. One last thought by Neil Gaiman: “I would like to see anyone, prophet, king or God, convince a thousand cats to do the same thing at the same time.”

    • When we had to waterboard (subcu fluids) Stretch and then Rosencrantz daily, Laurie would read Lucky Luc and Tin Tin comics out load in French. We have a good collection of both. The comics that just came in are contemporary comics set in the middle ages.

    • Thanks, Tiffany. Sasha is a cutie. The other day I got a face time call from Laurie, but she wasn’t there. I figured it must be important, so I face timed back. She answered. She had her hat and sun glasses. She was thinking it was really important that I was face timing. I told her she had face timed me. She said she didn’t FT me because she was outside and had just walked back inside and heard her phone. We figured it was the ghosts prank calling me.

  3. Sasha is beautiful! And a good box-blocker, at least a part-time one. You received something about Audubon, and I have often made connection between your photos and Audubon’s work, so it is funny to see that I am not the only one, apparently. By the way, hoping I am not too curious, can you tell me why your wife translates Beowulf?

    • Thanks, Flo. Laurie has a Master’s degree in Linguistics and is currently working on a Ph.D. in medieval studies. She is continuing her work in Old English, Old French and Old Norse with her medieval studies. Beowulf, Song of Roland and Bodvar, who is a Beowulf-like character in the Saga of Hrólf Kraki, were analyzed and compared in her Master’s thesis.

      • That is fascinating! I have a Master’s degree in Literature and thus, I studied Beowulf and Roland. I knew nothing about Hrólf Kraki, but I have juste had a look on Internet. All those stories are connected, as the English, French and Nordic languages are connected and intermingled. I studied medieval theatre and loved that. I love linguistics too, so what your wife does seems really fascinating to me. Congrats! 🙂

  4. Love seeing all those kitty antics Tim. I’m sure the new blender will concoct more fun stories but hopefully no ghosts. Enjoy!

    • Hi Resa. Spunk is the king of cute, posing and acting, but Sasha gives with a bit of a challenge in the simply being cute department. Laurie is brilliant when it comes to all the languages, linguistics and all.

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