Jailbird Cat

Tesla the jailbird cat

We went over to Lane’s house on Sunday night for pizza and a movie. We watched “Guardians of the Universe”. It was a fun movie with wonderful characters. Lane built a blazing fire. Tesla gave us his jailbird cat act as we were leaving.

Fiery place
Resa’s, Tiffany’s, Robin’s, Teagan’s and Susan’s trees against a wild sky.
Fiery sky to the west.
The crow highway is barely visible against the clouds above the Sandias.

Trees & Fiery Skies

Sunset glow on Resa’s TreeĀ 

As I walked out to where I could see the sunset last night, I photographed the trees in the afterglow. When I got out by Tiffany’s tree, I turned around to see a blazing sky lit up by clouds glowing like embers, their flames bursting into the heavens.

Robin’s Tree in the afterglow.
Tiffany’s Tree reflecting red.
Susan’s Tree on the edge of a fiery sky.
Susan’s, Lavinia’s, and Resa’s Trees in front of a blazing sky.
Silhouette of Resa’s Tree against the fiery sky.
Blazing sky behind Lavinia’s tree in the center.
Fiery sky gives way to smokey clouds behind Susan’s Tree.

Trees for Christine & Nancy

This is the last available Cottonwood on our property.

Juniper in the bosque about a half mile north of our property.

Big, old classic Cottonwood about a mile north of our property. It is great in sunsets, but I don’t make it up that far very often in the wintertime.

Young cottonwood on the way to Beaver Point. It has a good shape, and can be photographed from multiple angles to include the Sandias to the east and sunsets to the west.

Classic Cottonwood between the irrigation ditch and clearwater ditch about 300 feet north of our property. Can be photographed from multiple sides and looks great in sunsets.

This Cottonwood is between the irrigation ditch and clearwater ditch east of our property. You can see Teagan’s trees on the southern edge of our property to the left in the background. Good multiple views and sunset photos.

Fruit trees on the property. The first photo is the peach tree with the 5 on 1 plum tree on the right. Then second photo (top right) shows the nectarine behind the peach tree, and 5 on 1 plum tree. The third photo (bottom right) shows the cherry tree in the foreground, one of the apple trees on the right, the nectarine tree behind in the center and the peach tree on the left.