Walnut Down

Our large Black Walnut Tree that died several years ago was cut down today. Now it can be processed and made into lumber. I’ve been trying to get it taken down for several years. I couldn’t do it by myself, and besides, I don’t own a 36 inch chainsaw. The video below show the process of cutting down the tree.

There was a very interesting cloud formation to the north tonight.


Thunderheads explode
Under clear blue skies
Taunting sunset’s
Cast of colors
Streaming light
Reds, yellows
Blur to orange
Turquoise dances
In the wings
Reflections rippled
Flowing waters
Violent thunder
Tranquil scene
Exploding beauty
Falling darkness
Soon to cover
All that once had light

The Battle For Elms No More

Armed with chainsaws, chipper at hand, under a clear blue sky, they made their first assault on the army of elm trees controlling the southern border. Boom! The aerial attacks from inside the bucket methodically cut down the enemy elms. Blasting chips from shredding limbs, trunks turned into mulch. Dumped in piles that will be spread on paths over cardboard the earth will reclaim.

Storm clouds started building in the early afternoon.

The sky turned dark to the east, the south and to the west. Thunder rumbled in the background.

The sky started to clear to the east and west before sunset, but clouds were exploding to the south.

The winds were pushing and reshaping colorful clouds to the south and west as the sun put itself to bed.

The Goatlet Next Door

The thunderheads building up in the west were taking after Resa’s Tree.

Our neighbor’s goat had a goatlet (kid). The photos in the gallery below were taken this afternoon. The goatlet was 26 hours old when I took the photos. Click on a photo in the gallery for a slideshow.

Laurie holding the goatlet shows how little or big it is for a 26 hour old goatlet

The above video is of thunderheads dancing. Turn up the volume and enjoy the show.

The painter was in a lavender/gray, blue and white mood for the sunset tonight. Looking west.

Sunset looking east.

Sunsets & Cotton

Bright red on the Sandias last night.

Cotton light up by the setting sun.

Golden glow and specs of cotton as the suns sits on the horizon.

Fluffy cotton thunderheads.

Cotton floating in front of the trees.

Tonight’s sunset looking west from the levee.

The red was muted on the Sandias tonight.