A Different View

I haven’t taken photos of the Sandias from the north end of Corrales in a long time. The Sandias were particularly rugged looking in the light of the setting sun this afternoon.

Sunset looking south from the north end of Corrales.

When I got home, the sun had set and the clouds were pink and red.

A Bonus Birdie

I also found this Dark-eyed Junco sitting on the path. I reached down to see if it would fly and it hopped onto my finger. It was alert, but it refused to fly. I tried to put it on a branch in the black bamboo, but it kept hopping back in my hand. I looked under its wings and inspected its body. I did not see any injuries. I took it inside and showed it to Laurie, then I walked down to the infinite shed of doom with the Junco still perched on my finger to get a bird cage to put it in for the night. I figured if it wasn’t going to fly, a cage would be a safe place for it to recover from whatever was keeping it from flying. It stayed on my finger inside the infinite shed of doom while I scrounged around in the dark looking for a cage. I finally found a cage, walked back outside, showed the cage to the Junco, and asked it if it wanted to spend the night in the cage in the house. At that point, I think it decided it couldn’t deal with the cage and flew away. I was relieved to see it fly.

Drive-By Skies

When I walked out of a store at sunset, the sky was wild over the Sandias. On my way home the sky was very distracting. I stopped several times facing icy winds, crossing busy streets, and getting stickers in my socks to photograph the quickly changing wild sky.

Bloody Beaver Moon / Contrails Gone Wild

Dawn anticipates the violence of the sun

Contrails mark the night sky as they are blown, and reshaped into apparitions.

The beaver moon shining bright, and full of itself, rises in anticipation of becoming a bloody beaver moon in the wee hours of the morning†.

The above photo is only representative of the blood moon that will happen almost 8 hours after this post’s posting.

†There will be a full eclipse of the moon in the wee hours of the morning on 11/8/22 that will be visible from my location starting at 1:00 am. The full eclipse will be at 3:59 am. The moon will set before the eclipse ends at 6:56, close to sunrise.