Walnut Down

Our large Black Walnut Tree that died several years ago was cut down today. Now it can be processed and made into lumber. I’ve been trying to get it taken down for several years. I couldn’t do it by myself, and besides, I don’t own a 36 inch chainsaw. The video below show the process of cutting down the tree.

There was a very interesting cloud formation to the north tonight.


I went out to photograph the pending storm this afternoon. Laurie asked if I was doing a time lapse video. I told her I needed to go in and get my tripod. On the way in to get my tripod, Laurie asked if I thought it was too early to take the clothes off the line. I said you probably should take them in earlier than later. My clothes got caught in a downpour last weekend and I had to bring them inside and rehang them in the house. Laurie headed for the clothes line, a went in and grabbed my tripod. I opened the door to the deck and “Boom!” the rain started coming down hard. Laurie had hung her clothes on hangers on the clothes line, so she was able to get the clothes gathered and inside before she got too wet. Very smart of her. The rain was intense for about an hour, which included hail every now and then.

Here’s a short video of the rain with a little hail.

Spunk decided to go inside and show the kittens how to sing with his tail while it rained. I put a translation of what he is singing on the ticker tape along the bottom of the screen in the video.

The Battle For Elms No More

Armed with chainsaws, chipper at hand, under a clear blue sky, they made their first assault on the army of elm trees controlling the southern border. Boom! The aerial attacks from inside the bucket methodically cut down the enemy elms. Blasting chips from shredding limbs, trunks turned into mulch. Dumped in piles that will be spread on paths over cardboard the earth will reclaim.

Storm clouds started building in the early afternoon.

The sky turned dark to the east, the south and to the west. Thunder rumbled in the background.

The sky started to clear to the east and west before sunset, but clouds were exploding to the south.

The winds were pushing and reshaping colorful clouds to the south and west as the sun put itself to bed.