Crane Quartet

These guys were really singing tonight.

Trio landing.

Venus at dawn.

Jupiter and moons.

I mentioned the fluorescent bulb that caught on fire when I was twisting it out of the sockets yesterday and gave me inspiration for the Jaywalking song. I recovered the burned sockets this morning and photographed them. In the few seconds it took me to twist the bulb out of the socket, the flames melted the socket as shown in the photo.

Same Old Stuff

Daddy Owl sits in the same old spot, basking in the yellow light of the low-hanging sun.
The Sandias turn the same old pink under clear blue skies.
The same old constant stream of crows flying from nowhere to somewhere at dusk.
Cranes land on the same old sandbar.
The same old flying V head into the sunset.
The same old sunset colors surround the trees.
The same old stars hanging in the east.
Same old stars hanging in the west.
Same old Jupiter peeking through the trees in the southern sky.

I took the same old walk. Got the same old photos. The same old stuff.

Lavender Crows

Lavender Crows taking a break in Lavender Trees

Although it will be Monday before the moon does not pass the meridian, the Wolf Moon starts today. A lavender circle catches the echoes from the collective howls of wolves around the world as they become active searching for food, looking for mates, and preparing to breed under the Hunger Moon in February.

Sasha: “Did I hear you say wolves?”

Coloring Between The Lines

I was thinking we were going to have a sky full of colorful clouds at sunset, but as the sun went down the clouds above the lines of clouds disappeared and most of the color was trapped under and between the lines of clouds.

Crows flying under the moon.

Horse smooch from Mustang Hazel.

Clouds to the northwest.

The painter colored between the lines.

Come Together… Over Me

Daddy Owl (left) and Mama Owl came together over me tonight.

The geese were really cranky this evening. They did take a break from cranking to do synchronized preening.

Mama Owl

Late afternoon to sunset.

Daddy Owl looking at Mama Owl who’s giving the Paparazzo the squint like Clint.


Epiphany was on Thursday, but we celebrated this evening with Cocido MadrileƱo and Spanish chocolate outside with fires to keep us warm.

The morning sky was magnificent.

I started splitting wood for the fires this morning. Craig and Lane continued splitting wood when they came over in the afternoon.

Sunset was beautiful.

Fires kept us warm.

The clouds cleared and the stars showed brightly.