Thunderheads explode
Under clear blue skies
Taunting sunset’s
Cast of colors
Streaming light
Reds, yellows
Blur to orange
Turquoise dances
In the wings
Reflections rippled
Flowing waters
Violent thunder
Tranquil scene
Exploding beauty
Falling darkness
Soon to cover
All that once had light

69 thoughts on “Explosion

  1. A glorious photo, Timothy, and your poetry gives all the highlights that the photo couldn’t capture, like the silenced violent thunder. Wonderful final three lines.

    • Thanks, Jet. As I just noted for Dale, the thunder gave it the sounds of an explosion.

  2. I am enjoying your poetry, Tim. Well done! Those clouds do make a beautiful explosion over the Sandias and river. I think this is got to be my favorite clouds-mountain-river photo of yours. You and Mother Nature outdid yourselves.

  3. You have capture the sky with words, Tim. Thank you. I especially appreciated the ending; “Tranquil scene
    “Exploding beauty
    Falling darkness
    Soon to cover
    All that once had light.”

    It is as if the darkness is not to be feared – that it is only giving light a respite.

    • Thank you for the wonderful comment, Rebecca. Yes darkness gives light a respite, but also offers La Llorona and Chupacabra cover for their evil deeds.

  4. Loving this piece Tim, the photograph is truly awe inspiring as is the poem.

    “Reflections rippled
    Flowing waters
    Violent thunder

    Love it, Joni

      • You are a great poet too. I am guessing you really developed that side of yourself during years of writing lyrics for your music. 🎶🎼

      • Actually, I have only been writing lyrics for songs over the last three or four of years. I’ve written poetry on and off for years and years.

      • Well you should write more you write beautifully. Once you log into your website it is hard to stop reading and looking at the beautiful world your photograph to share with us. Sending love to you. ❤️Joni

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