Flag, Barf, Paper Towel


This was a curious find in the garage stairwell this morning. Someone was conscientious enough to leave a warning flag below the barf to warn people there was barf two treads above the flag. The person also left a paper towel above the barf incase you were not paying attention (like looking at your phone or the trains through the window) and stepped in the barf, you could use the paper towel to wipe the barf off of your shoes. People are rarely so considerate, especially when it comes to barfing on the stairs in the parking structure, which is quite often. Restores a bit of faith in humanity.

17 thoughts on “Flag, Barf, Paper Towel

    • Hi Lavinia. Many years ago someone got the not so bright idea to revitalize downtown by encouraging bars and nightclubs to open downtown. The result for people who work downtown is to step around barf and puddles of urine on the sidewalks and around doorways many mornings from the revelries the nights before.

    • Hi Tiffany. The flag and towel are gone, but the barf is petrifying on the step. No one want’s to clean it up.

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