21 thoughts on “Monster in the Box

    • The monster is a mystery. We thought it was Marble, but we didn’t see her run out of the box. Thanks, Susan.

    • Hi Resa. Spunk has been having a lot of problems with monsters lately. The one under the bed is particularly troubling for him. He often takes a leap to the top of the bed before reaching the end of the bed to avoid going anywhere near the bottom of the bed. He was waiting for me to open the bedroom door and let him in a few nights ago. I opened the door he took a flying leap onto the bed, lighted on the bed, and immediately about hit the ceiling jumping straight up in the air. Laurie had left a bra on the bed, which turned into a booby trap for poor Spunk. He let me know that bras are quite dangerous, and I had to reassure him and bless him multiple times to help him get over the trauma.

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