Painted Sky







My green red car got the best average yet at 43.7 mpg driving 358.4 miles. I thought I was going to squeeze an average of 44 mpg out of it this tank, but one day of really heavy stop and go traffic nixed the 44 mpg average. When I filled the tank it took 8.2 gallons of gas, which when you divide 358.4 miles by 8.2 gallons you get 43.7073 mpg. Normally when I divide the miles by the gallons the mpg is a little lower than what the car’s computer calculates because of the variation on where the pump kicks off. This time the car’s computer and the pump synced.


23 thoughts on “Painted Sky

    • Those two have a nice painterly feel about them. I think it’s our dry, dusty air that helps create such beautiful sunsets. You were a flight attendant? Domestic or international? You must have seen sunsets from various destinations? Thanks, Robin.

      • That’s probably it with the colorful skies. Yep, I did a lot of gawking out the plane windows looking at the sky and clouds, and the land is beautiful too from up in the air.
        I was with American Eagle, so mostly small propellor planes in Texas. I’d have some small jet flights to Greenville, South Carolina, and occasionally fly up to Chicago to work a few days.

      • I’ve been on a few of those small commuter planes in New Mexico. I’ve seen some nice sunrises from 36K feet on flights to Europe. We saw some beautiful sunsets in Paris, but I don’t remember great sunsets in Spain, southern France, or Italy.

      • There are probably great sunsets at times in the other areas, we just didn’t see them. Although, we lived in Madrid, Spain for almost 4 years and don’t remember seeing colorful sunsets. On the other had, they had fantastic fireworks shows to make up for the lack of sunsets.

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