19 thoughts on “In Case You Didn’t Know

    • Espresso and chocolate are there for you much more than whiskey. Although the one time whiskey was there for me was when my 60 pound python mistook my hand for a rat. She grabbed my hand and started constricting my arm. I used snake whiskey, 101 proof Wild Turkey, to get her off. Snakes don’t like whiskey, and she let go the instant I poured a little whiskey on her face. It’s wise to keep whiskey around if you handle large snakes. Thanks, Herman.

      • What a story…!! Always a good reason to keep whiskey close by your side. Didn’t know snakes don’t like whiskey, maybe they prefer espresso?
        Have a great weekend, Tim!

      • Very hot espresso (any hot liquid) would work just as well. Snakes do not like hot water and will let go if hot water, hot coffee or other hot liquid is poured on them. Whiskey is more accessible because it doesn’t need to be heated. Any high proof alcohol works, but Snake Whiskey has a nice ring to it. When Tristan had the snakes during my treatments, she had a friend who broke up with his girl friend and drank the snake whiskey I had sent over with the snakes to drown his sorrows. I thought it was a sad waste of snake whiskey.

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