46 thoughts on “Hammocking 101

    • Cats don’t understand how we humans haven’t figured out all those great positions to sleep in. They think we a silly. Thanks, Herman.

    • Hi Amy Rose. Our kitties wait in line for the hammocks. I’ve already had to replace one and reinforce the other because they use them so much. I need to put up two more, but I don’t have a convenient way for the kitties to get to them on the opposite wall.

  1. He’s an expert hammocker. 🙂

    Saw a story a couple days ago about two bear cubs finding a hammock in someone’s backyard and were fussing about who was going to hammock first. Momma bear put an end to the fussing by saying it was time to go.

    • Hi Juliette. Your kitties will love it. The hammocks are all the rage with our kitties. Since there are not enough hammocks, and the kitties fight over them, we leave boxes with packing in them on the table. The cats lie on the boxes, the lids cave in the middle to give the boxes a hammock-like effect. Makes for a little less squabbling over the hammocks.

  2. that is tooooo funny Tim!! I would have thought that they were too unstable for the cats to even venture to try!!! But looks pretty comfy!!! Obviously they got over any of that if there ever was any!!! P.

    • Hi Patti. They took to the hammocks like fish in water. When I was rehanging one hammock, Loki came bounding up and jumped in the unsecured hammock, and landed in our big gnarly bonsai tree below the hammock. It took the tree awhile to recover. Loki hopped right back in the hammock once I got it secured like nothing had ever happened.

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