Porcupine Promenade

We got out late last night for a walk under the stars after putting up our third sack of green chiles, making power bars, and doing various other chores that took up all of our daylight hours. A few hundred feet before the bridge that we use to cross the clearwater ditch, I saw what looked like a weed moving ahead of us. I shined my flashlight on it, and, as I suspected, it was Porky, a very large porcupine, waddling along on its way to cross the bridge ahead of us. I pulled out my phone to see if I could get a video, but by the time I got the phone convinced to take a video in the dark, Porky had crossed the bridged and headed down into the cottonwoods between the clearwater ditch and the irrigation ditch. I managed to get a short, 15 second video of Porky waddling into the undergrowth by a large cottonwood.  I assembled and arranged a short piece of music for Porky’s promenade.

The photos below are an assortment of critters and fall colors.

24 thoughts on “Porcupine Promenade

    • Thanks, Holly. Porcupine are really cute, and the babies are super adorable. We were sitting on the deck late one night and I heard all this chatter back and forth by the shed. I got a flashlight and it was a mama porcupine arguing with what looked like a teenage porcupine. I guess the teenager wanted to stay out after curfew and mama wasn’t agreeing. There are videos on YouTube of porcupine eating and talking. They are funny creatures.

      • The other day I saw a little doggy who had encountered a porcupine , it was a sad sight. I think I’ll keep my distance but will look them up on you tube. 😊

  1. Thanks for giving us a close up of the porcupine at night, with the musical arrangement, no less. The flowers are so colorful and full of life!

    • Thanks, Leah. It took a little while to assemble the music. It probably would have been easier to make up and play a guitar piece for it.

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