Cosmos & Roses

Can you find the Painted Lady butterflies?

Our cosmos have started to bloom, and the roses are putting on another round of blooms. The little white and green flowers in the second and third set of photos below are a wildflower that busts open like fireworks. It reminds me of dill, and the wasps and butterflies love it.


The End of the Cosmos


One last cosmos was hanging on among the dried ends of cosmos stems and brown, hardened sunflower stalks. A green butterfly landed in the mulch to warm itself in the sun before flying off to forage for what little flowers remained. I was going to start pulling up the dead sunflowers, but the finches and sparrows were still feeding on them, so they will remain standing awhile longer.




Bella Roma Rough Around The Edges


Bella Roma put out a nice bloom that was a little rough around the edges. A Pearl Crescent butterfly was hanging out on a dandelion. A silky cosmos posed in a sea of green, while a peach scarab and bee shared a bloom of a purple butterfly bush. Lastly, a vine dangles in front of a dahlia.