35 thoughts on “Among The Cosmos

      • I used to plant them all the time. I’m hoping to be able to work my yard next year. Been here for a year and have done diddly squat

      • The lack of diddly tends to get the best of you at times. I’ve not done a lot of diddly or squatting recently, either.

      • Hah! Moving to a new house, downsizing, trying to figure out where to put all the sh*t, Covid, loss of job, new job… To hell with any decorating or planting!

      • Any one of those will take the diddly right out of you. All of them coming at once will squash your squat and stomp on that sucker into oblivion.

      • You got that right. And I laugh when people say, hey, you’re not working, why don’t you paint and plant a garden? Uh huh…

      • You do what you need to do. Unpainted walls and a garden without plants are not the end of your world. You’ve experienced the end of your world. Life bees what it needs to be. You carry on and if a wall gets painted great. If not great.

  1. Such happiness in those colours!
    Love the shots, Tim!

    So, I’m putting finishing touches on my post. Is the Tiffany who did the art for the abstract Art Guitar – Tiffany Arpdaleo who commented on this post? I’d like to credit her artwork.

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