56 thoughts on “Nippin’ & Trippin’

    • I used my iPhone with no special settings. Thanks, Inchcock. BTW. I’ve commented on your posts and the comments seem to have been sent to spam.

      • Huh, I’ve just found some comments from ages ago appeared on my list, and am a klittle late replying. Tsk!
        Amazing how good these new phones are!
        I’ll check in the Spam folder. Tsk!

  1. The not they
    AutoCorrect often writes things for me that I didnโ€™t Nintendo. I USED to consider myself a proofreader, until AUtoCorrect teamed up with Loki after I typed something and corrected it.

      • Does Maya like to watch movies. We had cats in the past who loved watching movies. Nick was one who loved movies. He got excited and purred so loudly we couldn’t hear the movie.

      • We rarely watch movies these days. We watched a couple of movies a friend insisted we watch around February. Loki, Marble and Silver thought the movies were disturbing, because that was the first time we had watched movies since we has them (about 3 years). Spunk likes watching movies, but he especially like music videos.

      • Movies are an excellent way to let your piece of the world go and experience other worlds, some foreign some familiar. We especially like foreign films in the languages we are studying. We love French films.

  2. Oh my gosh, Iโ€™m rolling on the floor ( no Iโ€™m not into the cat nip). Loki is high as a kite and in kitty heaven. Your title is hysterical. Tim, you make me laugh so much. Thank you!

    • Loki was nuts. I’m happy you got a laugh out of Loki. He’s a smart kitty too. He’s made peace with the kittens so he gets to sleep on me at night without having the compete with other big kitties for space on me.

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