56 thoughts on “G & G Update

    • They do look a lot a like. When I took them to the vet for their shots, the tech came back out with them and asked which one was which. I’m not sure they got them straight, but it doesn’t matter. I brought some catnip in and Loki is on the bed with the kittens passing the catnip around. Three tokes over the kitty lines. Thanks, Holly.

  1. It’s hard to see the difference between the 2 kitties on a photograph. They look identical. Do you recognise the kitties immediately? But they both look adorable.

    • Glenda’s a little bigger, and she purrs the minute she sees us. Gwendolyn purrs, also, but not as readily as Glenda. Glenda is more snugly than Gwendolyn. Otherwise, it’s difficult to tell them apart. Thanks, Herman.

  2. Oh how adorable, Tim! You have a lot of courage to have kittens. I take my hat off to you. These two girls are absolutely precious and I can see why you have them. SMILE!!

    • They are so much fun. The deal for us with adopting cats is they need to be kittens and a pair the same age. That really works out well. Thanks, Amy Rose.

      • Good luck with that. Kittens are such a joy! I’m no longer willing to keep my cat family expanding for to loose them is something I no longer wish to do. I also have other aspects of my life I intend to fulfill. I’m loving who I have right now and I will take care of them until they decide it is time to go. And then I move on to “other”.

      • You kicked the habit? We’ll have to kick the kitty habit one of these days, but for right now they are still so much fun and such good therapy.

  3. Glad they are settling in, Timothy.
    Catnip tea for humans, I looked it up:
    “Catnip also can be used for tea. The presence of a chemical called nepetalactone produces sedative-like effects in humans, making catnip a popular home remedy for headaches as well as insomnia. To make catnip tea, add one teaspoon of dried catnip leaves or three to four teaspoons of fresh catnip leaves to a mug of boiling water and let it steep.”
    Good old Google.

    • Thanks, Sandra. Our kitties are camera friendly, but the kittens will not hold still. Getting a clear shot is next to impossible. It’s easier to do video of them, but video takes up a lit of space. I’m almost out of space on WP because of all the videos I have put up.

      • I never thought of using up the space on wp, I try to only put 1 min videos on if I do. I will have to check that. But videos are so much more fun sometimes than just photos.

      • When all I did were photos, I didn’t have a space problem because I make my photos small 100 to 200 Kb for most photos. But music videos are big 300, 400, 500 Mb each. I’ll probably start embedding videos from YouTube. The problem with that is if I put parodies up on YouTube, parodies get blocked in certain countries because of copyright restrictions, and some of my followers would not be able to see the videos. When I post parodies on my blog the copyright is not a problem, but the videos take up a lot of space. I’m going to experiment with replacing original music videos with embedded videos on youtube, which have no restrictions because I own the copyrights, and see if I can free up some space for parodies. Otherwise, I will have to not post parodies or pay WP $300 a year to upgrade my service and get more space. I hate the thought of giving WP more money.

      • Yes, that is a lot of money to give to wp, to much. My one minute videos I convert to about 30 to 60 mb. And that way I can put them on Instagram also. It is easier to bring them over from you tube, but mine are a little longer on you tube so I quit doing that.

      • 30 to 60 mb files will eat space much faster than kilobyte sized files. I can’t reduce the size of a music video too much or it looks and sounds terrible. Video is a space hog.

    • Thanks, Angelllie. They are so excited. I love your new avatar. The kittens send you purrs and kitten kisses in return. They are not at the hugging stage yet. They are too busy getting into things to give hugs.

    • Hi Leah. As they get older they become easier to tell apart in size and personality, but they look very much a like in photos.

    • You gotta get early. They are pretty good other than they won’t hold still. But that’s just kittens in general. Thanks, Tiffany.

    • I got them a new scratcher with toys on it today. They came up with the most imaginative ways of playing with it as soon as I gave it to them. They are smart little kittens. Thanks, Resa.

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