Sasha, Spunk, Roses, Gwendolyn, Sunset

I brought my guitar stool out into the dance room for Laurie to try it out to see what height stool we needed to order for her to use at school. Sasha was really digging on it so I left it out for her to hangout on. But then Spunk couldn’t resist, and started eating the stool. So now there are several torn places on the seat. Spunk has to be one of the most destructive cats I have ever known.

“Whaddya talking about? Who? Moi? Me! ¿Me? Fi? Mise? Μου? Mij? Mir? मैं? Мне? Resa’s sweet little ‘Spunky Poo💋’? Do I look the the type who would eat a guitar stool?” YES!!!!!

“Oh wow, man! Like there’s some really heavy hallucinogens in that catnip! It’s like I can see strawberry catnip fields forever!”

I thought there would be a really good, colorful sunset out of these clouds last night. It didn’t happen. Everything turned gray. I think Gwendolyn’s catnip hallucinations confiscated all of the strawberry color out of the sky to color her forever strawberry catnip fields.


I went out to photograph the pending storm this afternoon. Laurie asked if I was doing a time lapse video. I told her I needed to go in and get my tripod. On the way in to get my tripod, Laurie asked if I thought it was too early to take the clothes off the line. I said you probably should take them in earlier than later. My clothes got caught in a downpour last weekend and I had to bring them inside and rehang them in the house. Laurie headed for the clothes line, a went in and grabbed my tripod. I opened the door to the deck and “Boom!” the rain started coming down hard. Laurie had hung her clothes on hangers on the clothes line, so she was able to get the clothes gathered and inside before she got too wet. Very smart of her. The rain was intense for about an hour, which included hail every now and then.

Here’s a short video of the rain with a little hail.

Spunk decided to go inside and show the kittens how to sing with his tail while it rained. I put a translation of what he is singing on the ticker tape along the bottom of the screen in the video.


This is literally a bloody awful music video. Gwendolyn and Glenda have been doing great imitations of Chupacabra. I had to make a parody music for for them with them doing their imitations. This video will definitely give Brian nightmares.

Lyrics: Timothy Price
Music: John Lennon

Chupacabra’s gonna to get you
He’s going to grab you by the head
He’s going to rip your throat out Mr.
He’ll suck your blood until you’re dead
Why in the hell do you want to park
And walk in the bosque after dark
What do you think you’re trying to prove
Chupacabra he’ll get to you

Chupacabra’s going to get you
He’s going to grab you by the face
Gonna suck all your blood out sister
Take you from the human race
You know you’re never going to be
Saved by a fool not me
Who the hell do you think I am
A Superman
Or Sam I Am

Beware You’ll all die young
From the wounds and the scars and the blood
Chupa he’s the one
Bleeding everyone just for fun

Chupacabra’s gonna to get you
Gonna knock you off your feet
He’ll pull you down asunder
Like everyone he meets
You should not be standing there
You will surely meet disappear
And why it’s not so very clear
That Chupa’s everywhere
He kills and takes his share

Beware You’ll all die young
From the wounds and the scars and the blood
Chupa he’s the one
Bleeding everyone yes everyone
Yeah yeah, alright, uh huh, ah

Beware You’ll all die young
From the wounds and the scars and the blood
Beware You’ll all die young

Beware You’ll all die young
From the wounds and the scars and the blood
Beware You’ll ll die young
From the wounds and the scars and the blood
Beware You’ll all die young
From the wounds and the scars and the blood
Beware You’ll ll die young
From the wounds and the scars and the blood

BEGINNINGS. Happy Birthday Glenda, Gwendolyn & America!

Glenda and Gwendolyn were born on July 4, 2020. This marks their first birthday on the same day we Americans celebrate our Country’s 245th Birthday.

I finished the song BEGINNINGS that I have been working on for awhile, and since the song is based on a Saga that includes a creation story, I thought it was a good background for a music video with photographs and video of Glenda and Gwendolyn to celebrate their first birthday. There’s a video of fireworks at the end of the video to celebrate the 4th of July.

By Timothy Price

Based on the Saga


Before there began
Allfather God of gods was
The ruler of twelve

Lord of Hosts is Host
Spear-Lord Nikarr after Host
Next the Striker strikes

Knows of many things
Fulfiller of Wishes wished
The Far-Speaking One

The Burner burneth
Shaker puts armies to flight
Destroyer destroys

Protector protects
The last of these is Gelding
Twelve names of Ásgard

In the beginning
There was a Beguiling
Our origin told

Licked rime with rough tongue
Made by primordial cow
Udder’s milk life flowed

Oden, his brothers
Killed the Rime-Giant, Ymir
Into yawning void

His blood became sea
Of his flesh the land was made
Gravel, stones from teeth

His skull made heaven
Set it up to cover earth
The corners sits dwarfs

Way points are their names
North, and South, and East and West
No one will get lost

They raised up his brows
And they called the place Midgard
From his brains made clouds

Earth and Heaven made
The sun and constellations
Division made days

When the sons of Borr
Found and took up two trees
They shaped men from these

First spirit and life
Second wit and feelings
Third speech, hearing, sight

Clothing, names they gave
The male was called Askr
The female Embla

Mankind begotten
They dwell under Midgard
Creation tale told

Hangdog Daze of Summer’s Cats

Glenda stretching out of the frame.

What do cats do in the heat of hangdog daze of summer? They be cool. As everyone should know, cats are always cool. Spunk knows he’s “Hot” based on his kitty good looks, but he has always been, and there never was a time that he was not, a super cool cat. But when it’s hot, the cats like to “hangdog” around and look cool.

Spunk putting on the cool hangdog daze look.

Silver in a hangdog daze.

Sasha hangdogging in style.

Spunk knows a cool place to be on a hangdog hot day is in the cooler. Marble thinking about joining him.

Loki enjoying in the airflow from the cooler.

Spunk daydreaming, while Marble naps on the cool glass top.

A thunderstorm blew in around 5:00 pm with a lot of noise and about 4 drops of rain. However, the temperature dropped from 103º F (39.4º C) to 89º F (31.6º C) in a matter of minutes.

Glenda hangdogging and planking at the same time.

The thunderstorm produced some cool clouds.

A hangdog daze tail wag from Glenda.

Gwendolyn hangdogging on a worm rug.

Sunset lights up Resa’s tree.

Glenda: “What’s your problem Paparazzo?”

Not a good mix it.

Good colors, anyway.

The painter broke through the hangdog daze pallor of gray overcast skies at sunset.

Glenda: “What’s up with you going back and forth to look at the sky? Enough already. You’re bothering me boy!”

Hangdog daze Crepuscular rayz at sunset.