Lilies, Daisy, Black-Eyed Susan, Rio Samba

I don’t know what type of lilies these are. I’m pretty sure we got them as a collection from Brecks, but that was years ago, and Brecks doesn’t offer anything that looks like these lilies on their website.

Ladybug on a daisy.

This lily is part of the collection, the same type of lily in a different color.

Black-Eyed Susan with a wasp.

Rio Samba

Daisy Day

Shasta Daisies

Assassin Bug hanging out

A bee lands on the daisy and the Assassin Bug prepares to strike.

The Assassin Bug gets the bee.

Wings in a daisy

A Pearl Crescent butterfly gets a bite to eat.

A large native bee having breakfast.

A large, allusive red wasp quickly passes through.

A Great Purple Hairstreak Butterfly wandering around on a daisy.

Beauties and the Trees

Resa posted Art Gowns ~ Femme Finale at yesterday. She has used her tree, Holly’s tree, and Marina’s tree in her Princess Blue Holly (PDH) series set in Paris, France. PBH battles Evilomlap to save the Art Gown models from his dastardly evil plans. Resa’s drawings are delightful, and her stories lots of fun. Her Art Gowns are fabulous works of art. The celebrates Resa, Princess Blue Holly, and all the Art Gown models, I’ve posted an aerial photograph that shows where all the trees all the women bloggers have claimed are on our property and the surrounding area. I also included the location of the tree that both owlets are in. Big Baby Owl flew over last night and the two owlets where so happy to be reunited after being apart for almost two weeks.


The mosaic below shows all the trees that are in the above aerial image. Mouse over the photos of the trees to match them to the aerial map:


Below are a series of roses from our garden. I did not identify the roses.

Sphingidae — Sphinx Moth

A Sphingidae — Spinx Moth, AKA Hummingbird Hawk-Moth, was fluttering around feeding on our Purple Salvia with the bees and the butterflies. I made a short video of it and added one of our recordings of Caña for background music (I’m playing and Laurie’s dancing). The only sound on the original video was the wind.