Travel Photo Challenge Day 8 Taos Mountains

Dawn glow

We go to Taos in northern New Mexico for Day 8 of the Travel Photo Challenge. In August 2009, Laurie and I attempted to hike to Wheeler Peak, the highest peak in New Mexico at 13,167 ft (4,013 m). We got up to around 12,500 feet and turned around because the weather was becoming cold and stormy. We still had a wonderful time with beautiful scenery.

The photographer of the day is picpholio nature photography at picholio combines photography with his love for nature, walking and cycling. He mainly shoots in Belgium and the surrounding countries and does especially great macro photography.

Jupiter with moons and Saturn getting ever farther apart. December 28, 2020.

Canadian Geese echelon flying over the Rio Grande with the Sandias in the clouds.

On the way to Wheeler Peak, 13,167 ft (4,013 m)

Gwenyn Brodorol

Gwenyn Brodorol (Native Bee in Welsh)

This is a large native bee of some kind, but I don’t know what its name is. It’s the same size as a bumblebee, but longer, with a more greenish color. It was really working the sunflower and had pollen on its back instead of its legs. I’m seeing fewer bees as the temps are dropping at night. Leaves are starting to turn yellow and I’ve seen a few dead bumblebees on the ground.