There Unseen

4:17 am in the falling rain. There’s a planetary alignment behind those clouds.

I looked to the west and saw Wile E. Coyote laughing at me.

4:45 am. I can see the moon, Mars and Jupiter.

The alignment if there were no mountains, trees or clouds.

Esatern sky at 4:51 am, 5:07 am, and 6:30 am.

A Shasta Daisy Galaxy

A bored Buddy in a meeting this morning.

Water like chocolate in the acequia madre.

Pink, Silver, Spunk

“Hahahahahaha! I see you Brian”

Harry Hopper!

Ladybug in Shasta Daisy. Harry Hopper. Native bee on Shasta Daisy.

Spunk being a book prop.

I presented my paper at a conference, so now I have started on Christine Robertson’s new book “Three Years OF her Life”.

I broke in the book and got through a few pages by torchlight last night.

Spunk in a chair tunnel

Spunk hanging


Mermaid was happy after we finally got a decent rain last night.

We had a thunderstorm that started yesterday afternoon and rained late into the night producing 0.54 inches (1.4 cm) of rain. A happy Mermaid put on several blooms this morning.

Glenda on the deck, listening to the rain.

Morning clouds after the storm at sunrise.

Can you see Marina’s “Incognito” Pear Tree?

Redneck Roofer

Jupiter is making its way around Mars in the center of the photo. Venus is just rising on the left and Saturn is on the right. There was a nice alignment of stars that are at the top of the photo.

Since our cover over the deck was looking like it would rip anytime in the wind, Laurie suggested that we put a permanent roof on the canopy over the deck for our anniversary. We had thought about it for years but never did it. I ordered the supplies Sunday morning and picked them up Sunday afternoon. I started working on the roof at 7:00 am this morning and ran out of screws and energy at 7:00 pm. The vented part of the roof took a lot longer to build than I had anticipated. All my joints are complaining tonight.

Twelve hours of work with only water breaks.

Our pink Peony is blooming

I spied this beautiful rose hidden in the bush when I was on the ladder.

A spray of our anniversary Petunias

RAW Power

I’m trying out a new photo editor called RAW Power. So far it’s pretty good.

Processing a photo of our bunny in RAW Power.

pTerodactyl flying overhead

Buddy working hard

Hummingbird behind

Almost the same devilishly cool temperature inside as outside.

Sunrise looking south

Cresent moon at sunrise

Pretty Peonies