A Bunch Of Photos

Dawn @ 25ยบ F

Geoff bitched at me last night for commenting on his photos rather quickly. I did make a quick pass through them. I can take in images rather quickly. However, I did not read anything he wrote. As I explained to him, my eyes are really messed up, so I can’t see very well to read right now. You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting the images I normally post this time of year, i.e., cranes, owls, other critters, the bosque, and the Rio Grande. With my bad eyes, I don’t feel like going out and looking for things to photograph. I’ve been working on music more than photography lately. As far as other bloggers’ posts, I can read short pieces, but I have to skim longer pieces if I read them at all. As far as a lot of bloggers’ posts I would normally comment on, I don’t comment if the posts require a lot of reading.

Anyway, took a bunch of photos today between working on music videos, watering, playing guitar, doing laundry and dishes, and hearing cats.

House Finch

Spunk in the rags. Marble under a hoodie over the heater vent.

Beaker. He doesn’t like his picture taken. He keeps moving so it’s hard to get a clear shot using effects.

Midday clouds

Midday clouds with a floral filler.

Spunk and Loki


The End


The sky was like this photo taken at dawn: cloudy and cold. We had light rain most of the day and the balloons did not fly.

It was as cold as hell inside on October 1st. It was colder than hell inside today, a week later.

Sasha thought we should have been running the heat on the deck today.

Wile E. Coyote: “I say, I say, there now. You’re bothering me, boy!”

The clouds were breaking up at sunset, but more storm clouds were moving in.