Freaky Friday! Sweet Child Of The Earth Of Mine

Some people will find this parody really creepy. It will certainly bug the hell out of other people. While a few people might even like the photos and footage of children of the earth, also known as Jerusalem Crickets and Potato Bugs. However you react, you might get a laugh out of me trying to fit “sweet child of the earth of mine” into the space of “sweet child o mine”. The lyrics are at the end of the post.

I was inspired to write the lyrics to this parody in February 2019 when I came across a Child of the Earth out trying to warm itself in the cold winter sun. I’ve worked on and off recording it for the past two and a half years. I got it to what Laurie thinks is a multi-dimensionally bloody awful state about 4 months ago. I was hoping to see a lot of Children of the Earth this summer to get more photos and footage of them, but, alas, no such luck. I borrowed footage from Jerusalem Crickets Only Date Drummers Deep Look, This Potato Bug Eats Everything! (Documentary), Killer Potato Bug Attack, and 9609 New Mexico Child Of The Earth (Another Journey in MyZahs life).

As a consolation prize, below are photos of the pTerodactyl doing a pterodactyl version of a hop, skip, and a jump, and cows in the cornfield.

Sweet Child Of The Earth Of Mine
Parody Lyrics by Timothy Price

It made me sad when I saw its face
Walking along in that lonely place
With a morning light so cold
Sun barely lit the sky

It seemed to shiver and it couldn’t run
trying to warm in that winter sun
And if it stayed too long
It would surely die

Oh-oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine
Oh, oh, oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine

Its eyes were fixed, perfectly still
All-round in the darkest brown
Couldn’t seem to show the pain
Of that cold hard ground

Vulnerable exposed in an unsafe place
Without a place to hide
Try to save it from the freezing pain
Or simply pass it by?

Oh-oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine
Oh, oh, oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine

Ooooooh! Oh-oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine
Oh, oh, oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine

Oh, oh, oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine
Oh, oh, oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine

Where did it go now?
Where did it go now?
Where did it go now?

Where did it go now?
Where did it go now?
Where did it go now?

Where did it go now?
Where did it go now?
Where did it go now?

Where did it go now?
Where did it go?

Where, where did it go now?

Where’d it go?
Where-ere-ere-where did it go now?

Where did it go now?

Where-ere-ere-ere-ere where did it go now?

Where did it go now?

Ooh oh oh where did it go now?

Where did it go?
Where did it go?

Whoa whoa whoa

Hi There

Hi there!
You look like you live in a world that’s upside down
Everything is turned on its head
Nothing is the right way up
It must be dizzying
Living a topsy-turvy existence
Where you can’t tell reality from illusion
And so many others are delusional about their senses and beings

Green Eyed Lady

Green Eyed Lady. Lovely Lady.

Clouds spilling over the crest of the Sandias.

Gary Grasshopper listening to a course on the New Testament while riding to and from work with me.

The Beetle is singing “I love you! Yah! Yah! Yah!”

View from the Rio Grande looking south.

Our lovely green eyed lady again.

A Crab Spider caught a Pearl Crescent butterfly.

Gary Grasshopper enjoying being ran through the gears

The sunset looking east.

The sun trying to break through the clouds in the west.

Green, Blue, Red/Orange, Black

Gary, the green Dragonfly, is a big fan of The Fabulous Flee-Rakkers’ “Green Jeans“.

Bob, the blue Dragonfly, is a big fan of Eiffel 65’s “Blue (Da Ba Dee)“.

Bartholomew the Bee Assassin Bug is a fan of The Fools’ “Psycho Chicken“.

Larry the Large Wasp likes Black Sabbath’s “W.A.S.P.

Intermission: The Shasta Daisies like Eric Heatherly’s version of “Flowers On The Wall“.

Darlene Damselfly: “Ciao Paparazzo! I like Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi“.

Chubby Checkered Beetle all covered in pollen and thinking about “The Fly“.

She’s A Big One

Meet Wilma Wasp, a Toltec Scoliid (Dielis tolteca) that is native to the southwest. I normally only see the butts of Toltec Scoliids sticking out of the trumpet-shaped flowers of the Chitalpa tree. However, this afternoon, Wilma Wasp was really working the Shasta Daisies totally ignoring my phone camera just inches away from her.

Peace Rallies

We have an old Peace Rose out on the east 40 that I wasn’t sure was going to make it since it only gets water from the irrigation ditch. I noticed it was really rallying this afternoon. That remote bed, which has Color Magic, three other roses and a Dr. Huey are all rallying the best they can. I bought more soaker hoses this morning, so I cut a lot of dead canes out of the roses, and wrapped a soaker hose around all the roses in the remote bed this afternoon. I stretched a long hose over to them, and gave them a good long soak. We should be seeing a lot more fine roses from that bed as the hot, dray dog, cat, gopher and squirrel days of summer drag on.

When the assassin bug on one of the Peace Roses saw the Bazooka pointing at him, he raised his little bug arms and said “Don’t Shoot!” before I shot him. After his initial shock of staring down the barrel of the Bazooka, he took flight and buzzed me as he flew by.

Spunk & Moon

Spunk is really getting into orchiding.

Crows hanging on in the wind.

Sleepy, with Mona Lisa behind him, trying to duck out of the wind. Major Tom Peepers has flown to another tree.

A fly on Taboo.

Tabatha Towhee Gets Some Grub

Tabatha Towhee was scratching around in the leaves a few feet in front of me getting some grub at sunset.

She had a real beak full before she flew off. I presume she is feeding wee tiny towhees close by.

Owlets backlit with Sleepy and Mona Lisa back in the hole.

Copper and white iris

Mama Owl catching a catnap while waiting for Daddy Owl to bring dinner.

The rose that took over. It’s a free, free-range rose that is freely ranging over the arch and fence next to where I park my car.

North view last night