Silver Sleeping

Silver’s tail almost crept away from him while he was sleeping.

His tail slipped back into place as Spunk entered the scene.

Silver was not sure what Spunk was up to.

Silver seemed to think it was safe to get more shuteye once Spunk settled in.

Silver’s not sure of Loki’s intentions.

The Boxing Match

Loki’s full-faced tail hanger

Loki and Silver challenged Spunk to a boxing match. You all can decide the winner.

Spunk pulls a prolifically cool tucked tail profile to perplex Loki and Silver

Sliver tags in with the required four feet in the box

But then he falls into a full-faced, three-pawed tail hanger

Loki pulls a three-quarter PO’d-look profile with tail hanger

Spunk put on his full-faced Spunk-eyes with tucked tail look

Note to Herman: I assume you noticed the PreSonus Iris E3.5 BT speakers box in the background. When I was ordering a new backup drive, Amazon gave me a gift card which was enough to cover those near-field monitors I had been eyeing for a while. They sound great and reproduce sound super accurately.

Outside The House In The Rising Sun

Silver is catching a sunbeam as it spills over the irrigation border.

I opened the kitty door a little before sunrise. I tied up the trash and walked outside to find the sun peeking over the Sandias. All the kitties, except for Lola†, were lounging outside the house in the rising sun.

Marble sitting in the sun on top of my dirty car taking a break from grooming just long enough for me to get a photo of her.
Sasha sitting under my dirty car catching the long rays of the rising sun.
Loki lurking.
Spunk out of the sunbeams that were blocked by Resa’s Tree watching the other kitties catching the early morning rays.

†Lola was still in bed. She sleeps late and catches sunbeams streaming through the bedroom window in the mornings.

Flying Felines

While people are wringing their hands, gnashing their teeth, and hoarding toilet paper over all the happenings in the world right now, our kitties headed for the sky and did some feline flying to stay above it all. Kitties know how to have fun in times of trouble.

Flying Felines

Music and Lyrics by Timothy Price
Guitars: Timothy Price
Bass: Timothy Price
Percussion arranged by Timothy Price

Felines flying one by one
Felines in the sky today
Here they come having fun

Felines flying

Felines walking on the air
Flying up, down and all around
They found a way to fly away

Felines flying in the air
Going high in the sky
Going nowhere

They’re going nowhere fast

Felines flying in the air
Through the sky they walk on air

Felines flying in the sky
Felines in the air so fine
They know where they are going
Up with the birds in the air

Felines flying in the sky walking on air
In the air they are so fine walking on the line