Green Corner

Apple iSight cameras from 2003.

🎶I rearranged my office and put up a Mac Museum!🎶 After a staff member retired, I was able to rearrange my office, gather up some of our old Macintosh computers along with other vintage Apple devices, and use the green corner where my desk used to be to make a little Mac Museum.

View of the green corner my desk used to be in. I used old aluminum case Mac Pros for the shelf supports. I also ordered a small conference table to fill out the open space in the middle of the office.

I removed a desk and shelves from this corner of my office, put my desk there, and hung photos on the walls.

Orian’s desk. She’s our new data analyst.

A 23-inch Cinema Display from 2000, an Apple AirPort Extreme from 2009, and a PowerBook G3 from 1998.

I searched our storage unit and my infinite shed of doom and came up with various vintage monitors, Macs, and Apple devices

Purple iMac G3 from 1999.

iMac G4 from 2002.

A G4 Mac Mini from 2005, and an aluminum case 23-inch Cinema Display from 2005.

Macintosh SE/30 from 1989 and a PowerBook 1400 from 1996.

2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation iPods, an iPod touch, and an early iPhone. Behind the iPods is a 9.7″ iPad from 2012.

A view of my desk from Oriana’s desk.

Then, Then, Then, and Now

PNM Building from 5th and Silver in Downtown Albuquerque in 1980.

PNM Building in 2015. PNM had moved out and the building was for sale. The asking price was $6,250,000 for a total of 251,523 square feet — $24.85/SF was a great deal at the time.

The PNM Building in 2019. Bernalillo County purchased the building and was renovating it. The round-cornered building on the NE corner of 5th and Silver was demolished to build new chambers for the County Commission.

Demolishing the building on the NE corner of 5th and Silver.

The old PNM Building turned into the Bernalillo County Building in 2022.

Dawn At Work

7:00 am (formerly known as 6:00 am) at the office. The sky was wild.

5:00 pm (formerly known as 4:00 pm) when I got home from work. The sky was wild.

6:20 pm (formerly known as 5:20 pm), the almost full March Moon, AKA Worm Moon, would have been rising over the mountains. No moon, but the sky was wild.

Tangle Heart Tree pinching March Clouds.

A wild sky over the Rio Grande and Sandias. The cranes are gone.

When I walked out to Fourth of July Point where I took the above photo, I didn’t see or hear D Wowl. On my way back I heard D Wowl hoot from one of his trees between the clearwater ditch and the irrigation ditch. I couldn’t see him in the darkness, so I called out “Where are you Daddy Owl?” He flew out of the tree and landed on a branch next to me. He didn’t say a word, simply posed. I told him that I had posted photos of him two nights in a row and that everyone was going to get tired of seeing him. I don’t think he believed me.

I continued walking north, and I made a side trip to Beaver Point. D Wowl flew to one of his favorite perches near Beaver Point as I walked by.

The Iron Sign

First off, I rerecorded the vocals on War that I posted on February 27th. If you would like to listen to the song the new vocals go to:

Our Iron “arc” sign was delivered today. I clamped it on to see how everyone likes it now that we are used to the blue sign I put up in November. If we decide to keep the iron sign on the monument, then I will drill it and mount it permanently, and we’ll find another place for the blue sign. If I put the blue sign back on the monument, then I put the iron sign somewhere else.

The sky and clouds were exceptionally beautiful tonight

Well Hung

Paint hard at work at dawn

Get your minds out of the gutter. I’m talking about the clouds and the gate I installed today.

The painter was up at dawn working at a furious pace on the well-hung morning clouds and kept it up until after I got to work.

I installed the gate today that I ordered back in August that finally came in last week. The middle photo shows the sprung latch that I had custom-made by an artesian in Canada because I could not find any of the sprung latches in the US of A. They use to be common on garden gates, but there were none to be found. They were probably outlawed for some stupid reason, so we might have a fugitive latch. The gate is well hung if I might say so.

The painter was in a lavender mood tonight as gnarly clouds rolled in at sunset and were well hung hanging over gnarly trees.