Bruski in the ȠE BU QUE RQUE


Can you find Bruski in the ȠE BU QUE RQUE sculpture?


I was awakened by thunder this morning. As I drove into town I could see scattered thundershowers all around. The photo above has two showers the were moving from west to east. The thundershower on the left reflected a very subtle rainbow from the rising sun.

The full view of the OȠE AL BU QUE RQUE sculpture

Climb Sixteen Floors, What Do You Get?


Another day older and 320 steps
Saint Peter ain’t a callin’ cuz he knows I can’t go
My legs are like jelly and terribly sore

If you are not familiar with Tennessee Ernie Ford’s hit song “Sixteen Tons” a version from 1956 can be seen at:

A modern version by Jeff Beck and ZZ Top with the 1956 film above playing in the background can be seen at:

Laurie’s parents gave us Fitbits® for Christmas. These little devices track your steps, how many floors you climb, calories burned, active minutes, total miles, and log your sleep among other things. Laurie and I have gone a little nuts with daily goals and challenging each other. She’s been climbing the stairs in the buildings at UNM between classes to get stair climbing in, leaving me in the dust on the floors. So today, I talked Bruski into walking over to the New Mexico Bank building and climbing the stairs with me. There are sixteen floors, but my Fitbit logged 18 floors because there are two flights of stairs from the lobby to the first floor. We got in 6 active minutes from the lobby to the 16th floor, according to the Fitbit, and it about did me in. Brusk said he could feel it in his legs. Climbing sixteen floors also gave us a nice view to the west above downtown Albuquerque.