Civic Plaza


Most of Civic Plaza in Downtown Albuquerque is fenced off while they expand what looks like a kid killer play area. I’m not sure what the textured designs and bubbled bumps are supposed to be with their no slip, granular texture. I couldn’t get close enough to feel the surface, but it looks very rough; if it’s as rough as it looks, I believe kids will skin their palms, knees, elbows and faces when they land on the gritty surfaces sliding down the slides. Or when they trip, and fall. But then again, maybe it’s a high tech, very soft, no slip, granular surface?

Bruski demostrating the eyelvel view above the playground level.
View from eyelevel.

26 thoughts on “Civic Plaza

    • And you are alive to say you didn’t have that kind of thing when you were young. We had swings, teeter-totters, ladder bars, and lots of sand on the playground at school when I was a kid. Thanks, Lavinia.

      • We had a playground at school with swings and teeter totters, no sand or bars. I had swings at home as a small child, but there were no communal playgrounds where I was. There was just a big grassy playground at school with room to run. I remember playing jacks on the blacktop near the building sometimes. Certainly nothing like what is in your photo!

  1. Looks like skateboarders heaven rather than ordinary playground. Maybe it’s just one of those weird landscape size sculptures.

  2. I saw something like this granular looking surface in Toronto. They built a park under a massive underpass network. There’s skateboard runs with ramps, 2 half size basket ball courts and a delux kids area. I was surprised when I walked on the textured surface. It didn’t feel like any carpeting I’d ever walked on, it wasn’t rough.. it was a new feeling. Perhaps a bit rubbery (ish) but not rubbery per se.

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