27 thoughts on “First Cranes

  1. The arrival of the cranes is always exciting. Thanks for the new pics! Now I’ll wait for another one from a very cold morning with sunlit mist rising off the river to reveal waking cranes.

  2. Great shots Tim. I love the Sand Hill Cranes here. Usually they are in pairs with maybe an offspring. If they Become separated you can hear them calling for hours. Thanks for the pics, hope to see more’

    • Hi Holly. This is the very beginning of crane season here. There will be many more pics over the next few months. They are usually paired up, often with an cranelet or two, as you noted. A lone crane is rare, and always making a lot of noise. They will fly in flocks of hundreds, and then thousands of cranes congregate in the nature preserves along the Rio Grande. They only gather into groups of a few hundred at a time where we are, but many stay near us from October through February.

      • That’s really something to look forward to Tim. Oddly, we have most of our during spring and they almost always have a cranelet ( thanks for giving me a name for them 😊) with them. They walk right up and gawk into my front window , it’s so sweet and funny. They are beautiful!

      • They don’t come that close to our house, but some will let us get pretty close to them after they’ve been around for a while. I love the sound of their wings when they take off.

      • They also have a squeak to them like leather. It’s hard to explain the sound, but it’s really cool sounding when several take off a few feet from you.

      • Lucky you. Since we have a lot of predators like coyotes and bobcats in the bosque, the cranes are always on guard. I can often get within ten feet of them, but they won’t let me walk among them.

      • It’s fun and they are really quite the characters who exhibit some of the same emotions as humans and other creatures, they do grieve if they lose their “child” or mate.

    • Make a trip to Bosque Del Apache in November, December or January and you can see thousands of them. Thanks, Cindy.

  3. OH, so they winter in your area. How neat. I don’t recall ever having seen a crane in my life.
    I did get to see Pink Flamingos in Trinidad, but I went home and they stayed there.

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