Calling All Colors

Resa’s tree kissed colorful Dawn

Cracked clouds strangled sun

Cracked clouds covered Corrales

The Rio Grande eats bank crumbles

Clouds collided

Cranes look north anticipation

A final gasp glowing color

Daddy perches tangled arches

Tangle Heart pinches purple


The forecast was for rain between 2:00 am and 5:00 am, clearing after sunrise with winds in the afternoon. They got the clearing after sunrise and winds right. We didn’t get a drop of rain that I could tell. On my way home at 4:15 pm, the dust made clouds that obscured the sun.

The Iron Sign

First off, I rerecorded the vocals on War that I posted on February 27th. If you would like to listen to the song the new vocals go to:

Our Iron “arc” sign was delivered today. I clamped it on to see how everyone likes it now that we are used to the blue sign I put up in November. If we decide to keep the iron sign on the monument, then I will drill it and mount it permanently, and we’ll find another place for the blue sign. If I put the blue sign back on the monument, then I put the iron sign somewhere else.

The sky and clouds were exceptionally beautiful tonight


Mama Owl is in the nest! I’ve been checking every night since I photographed Mama and Daddy together on Friday evening to see if I could see Mama Owl in the nest. Last night I didn’t see her, but tonight I could see the top of her head. When I said, “Mama Owl, you are on the nest!” She popped her head up just enough to look over the edge at me and let her ear tuffs blow in the wind. The evening sky was celebrating mama owl with a display of beautiful colors after sundown.

Daddy Owl was deep in thought.