While “Hoser” is derogatory word commonly used to call people losers, according to Facebook Medical, and reported by our downtown Neighborhood Bar, if you were a child hoser, you are immune to the Coronavirus.  I don’t know how much faith one can put in Facebook Medical, but if it’s true, I drank from a hose as a kid, and still do when I’m out working on the property.

Hoser originated during the pre-zambonian era in Canada. Hosers, the losing team, had to hose down the ice after the game.

Missing its Mate


A sock turned up down and out in an alley in Downtown Albuquerque. Its mate was missing. Socks generally mate for life, but as everyone knows, socks can go missing, and you end up with single socks that are not much good without their other halves. Missing socks have become a serious enough matter…