49 thoughts on “I Can Haz Ghost Pepper Sauce

    • This stuff is killer as you can see by the two in the car. Just a few drops is perfect. Thanks, Michele.

  1. Sometimes spicy, insanely hot can kill flavor. I wondered if that happened to the two skeletons in the car. And, BTW the skeletons are perfect passengers while in the HOV lanes. A number of years back, in Denver, a car was stopped on I-25 for violating the HOV restriction. When the cop saw the skeleton was the other “passenger,” he let the driver go.

    • We don’t have HOV lanes, so the skeleton is not good for carpooling violations out here. Thanks, David.

  2. A drop or three… but ten?? Lawzy!
    My son is forbidden to use his oils in anything that is family-oriented. He can burn the crap out of his own oesophagus, just not mine, thank you very much.

  3. Ha-ha! Love those photos! People I’ve known who religiously used this stuff ended up with terrible G.I. problems. But, it’s fun to be daring once in a while.

    • I rarely ust it. It’s really useful to keep the porcupine from eating the rose bushes. Thanks, Dawn.

  4. One time in analytical chem class, we did a lab where we measured the capsaicin content of different hot sauces using HPLC. My analytical chem professor thought it would be fun to have a “qualitative” assessment of sorts, so he set up the hot sauces and chips outside the lab. I think one of the samples was one of these Dave’s Gourmet super insanity or whatever. I can confirm that a) qualitative assessment was well correlated to the quantitative assessment of capsaicin content and b) I am so not a super insanity killer hot sauce person.

    • Thanks, JYP. That sounds like you hat a “hot” class that day. I can take pretty hot, but these days I like it moderately hot, which is still killer hot for some people. When we lived in Spain, we got so African Bird hot cayenne pepper sent to us from the states. That was fun getting that through customs, that’s another story all together. The Spanish use mild paprika, and a hot smoked paprika that is mildly hot. A Spanish friend came over for lunch and he spied the cayenne in a shaker. He took and said he loved pimiento. I told him it was muy picante muy muy picante, and he said he loved picante, and shook some on whatever we were having. He took on bite and it about killed him. His reaction was hilarious, but I really felt sorry for him.

      • I’m more mild. I think this is an acquired taste, to a degree. The hottest sample we tested was something from the Dave’s Gourmet line, although I don’t think it was the Ghost Pepper flavor.

        Speaking of “hot” classes, the best thing about taking analytical chemistry is all the immature yet amusing jokes you get to make when you abbreviate it as “anal chem”. Like telling your roommate you’re getting ready for your 9 AM Anal lab or that you have lots of Anal homework.

      • Sounds anal and retentive. There were some fun times in university lab classes. My biology teacher came in with a large trash can the first day of class and dumped a huge rattlesnake on his desk. I ended up with a couple of girls on my lap as most of the class jumped back a few rows of seats. Those two girls became my lab partners, and we had some great times, and managed to get into trouble more than once.

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