Happy Cats

I posted Content Like A Cat, which is the first original song JYP and I collaborated on. Happy As A Cat is an extended version of Content Like A Cat. I split the chorus with a couple of verses I wrote and added new music.

Happy As A Cat
By JYP and Timothy Price

They don’t need
the new hot thing
Cats find their joy
batting a piece of string

To enjoy meals,
cuddles, treats, and snacks.
To have no worries
“I’m late for my nap!”

To be as happy and content as a cat
That is our life’s goal
To be as happy and content as a cat
In the dirt, we’ll roll

They sleep all-day
Play all night
They love their boxes
They love their toys

Purring and furring
Stuff they bat away
All those simple things
Give them joy so many ways

To be as happy and content as a cat
We’d scratch on a pole
To be as happy and content as a cat
Fulfills us, makes us whole

They don’t need cars,
fancy clothes or yachts
Oh, to be as happy
as a cat in a box!

Happy cat prints on my MacBook Pro M1 Max

Gwendolyn snuggled up with me on a cold morning

I walked out to the car to go to work yesterday morning, and the bunny was hanging out behind my car. When I got closer to the car I saw bunny prints on the side of the car. The bunny, who I assume must be getting worked up for Easter, was bouncing off the side of my car. Bratty bunny!


“Oh to be as happy as a cat in a box!” Sasha and Marble (happy on a bag).


Cary drove his Lincoln land barge to the house tonight. Laurie said “You know how your memories of most things are larger than what they really are? That Lincoln is larger than I remember!” Her grandmother drove Lincoln Continentals. Either way, it’s one big car, and what I found amazing is it has a working 8-track tape deck and, even more amazing, Cary has 8-track tapes. I had an 8-track tape deck in the first car I bought in 1975, a 1966 Rambler American. I hated 8-track tapes because if I forgot to eject the tape cartridge before I turned on to our rough dirt road, the tape deck would eat the tape. I had an 8-track recorder at home in the 70s, and I used to record my favorite songs onto 8-track tapes from records (playlists today) to play in the car. At least when a tape got eaten by the tape deck, I could record another one.

A Chevy To Pay My Levy

The Piñon Coffee Company’s Chevy pickup at a coffee show in 2019.

I had not been to the Piñon Coffee Company’s retail outlet since before the pandemic in late 2019. I had to order coffee online at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 because they had to close their retail outlet by orders of the governor. I had continued to order coffee online since I don’t drive by their retail outlet anymore. I went out on an errand today which was near the Piñon Coffee Company. Since we needed more Mexican Spice Chocolate coffee beans, I decided to stop by the retail outlet while I was in the area. Over the past couple of years, Piñon has spruced up their retail outlet, and there’s now a Chevy to pay my levy when I collect my coffee beans in person.

The Devil’s In The Dually

I left the office late this evening, so I had to do a drive-by of the clouds and contrails at sunset. While I was sitting behind a dually at the light, I noticed the Devil staring at me through the tailgate. He was using the holes my headlights made reflecting in the tailgate to see what was going on. Satin is a shifty little devil when it comes to shapes and reflections.

I was late because we replaced 55 fluorescent fixtures on our tenant’s side of the building with 55 LED fixtures. It was quite an undertaking, and I can feel rigor mortis settling in trying to stiffen up my joints. I’ll be contorted and stiff by morning like when Silver gets a case of Cater-Mortis.

Drive-by of clouds and contrails at sunset.

Loading Up The Z

Not a cloud in the sky tonight after several days of cloudy skies. We even got a little rain. The temperature was 28º F (-2.22º C) at sunset. It’s going to be really cold tonight.

We hired Cary with Cary’s Garage here in Corrales to get Tristan’s 1980 Datsun 280ZX back on the road. It’s been sitting under Gabriela’s cottonwood for the past 7 years. The starter had caught on fire in 2014, and we never got around to replacing it.

The footage Laurie took of the loading is quite entertaining.

Cranes flying into the sunset from a few nights back.