45 thoughts on “A Touch of Red

    • Thanks, Rebecca. I thought the B&W with red would be more interesting. When I first got out of the car there were a bunch of pigeons with the crows feed on bread and other food scraps someone didn’t finish and left in the parking space. Before I could get my phone out to do a photo with the pigeons, the pigeons all flew over to me to see if I had anything for them, leaving the crows working on the food scraps. I seem to have a lot of pigeon appeal. Mama Owl was hunkered down in her hole in the tree so I could barely see the tip tips of her ear tufts, so I only posted Daddy Owl.

      • I agree with Clanmother! It’s definitely more dramatic. I love when ordinary scenes take on more significance. An “urban” moment becomes more “natural” through artifice. Ironic that.

  1. I really like what you’ve done with the bw and red!!! Daddy owl has a double meaning look. To you he’s winking his eye as a friend who knows and cares but he’s also got that look: “stay clear, or else.. “! Brilliant capture!

  2. Goodness seeing your reply to my comment on the last post, reminded me I had come to visit this one but hand’t seen it so must have shut the tab. Nice urban pic with the mix of the wildlife and of course there’s Papa Wowl.

    • Thanks, Shey. Those tabs can get a little tipsy and fall of the page from time to time..

      • I know. I tend to bookmark all the ones I want to comment on and then do them in one. The other day i defo had the row open but then I must have thought I’d done it and closed them all again.

  3. Your black & white & red picture is really nice, It’s like putting jewels to a part of town.
    And the owl… wow ! You’re lucky to be able to see one in daytime, I suppose, particularly as its colors mach those of the tree so perfectly. Your pic is really beautiful.

    • Thanks, Flo. The red in the B&W adds a little interest. If you click on the Owl tab on my blog and keep scrolling through the pages, you will see that it’s very common for us to see the Great Horned Owls in the daylight out here. The owls our are neighbors and we interact with them a lot.

      • Oh I didn’t know that they could be interacting in day time. Where I live, owls are not often seen at that moment.

      • We hear the owls hooting all night long, but we see a couple of pair of owls during the day, also.

  4. I adore B&W/ grey scale w/red. Neat shot, Tim.
    Princess Blue Holly’s Owls!
    I used that for the AGMs when they had to turn to spirits to fly on the owls.

    • Thanks, Resa. That owl is one of Princess Blue Holly’s Owls. He’s pretty excited about you next episode.

      • It’s ready to go! Charlotte just needs to pick a video. I don’t want to rush her. She’s working hard in a different sphere until this poundemic is over, and she can work in her chosen field.
        Hahahaha! I’m listening to 7 words…brilliant!!!!
        The New Art Gown is about 10 hours away from being finished. Very exciting!

      • One of my favorites. Carlin is amazing when it comes to pointing out the craziness of verbiage and how we talk funny. Poundemic in right. Ten hours to take-off, or should I say put-on?, is very exciting indeed.

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