Dumpster Burn

There was a dumpster burning when I walked to my car to head home.

The fireman aimed the water gun at the burning dumpster.

The water would not fire on the fire.

Down to a dribble. I sympathize with the poor old pumper.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the firetruck, the other firemen had hooked up a hose to a hydrant and started whizzing on the blaze.

Smoke billowed from the dumpster as the whizzing water doused the flames.

Policemen checked out the progress of the dumpster burn.

35 thoughts on “Dumpster Burn

  1. So much resourse for a dumpster and yet it looks like they were needed! πŸ˜‰
    Having witnessed a burning dumpster, there’s one aspect that’s really unpleasant, the ‘scent’!!!!

  2. Good news is that they’re not so busy. I noticed the mural and the artwork in the coffee shop…even the dumpster seems to be decorated with something besides tagging? I remember Albuquerque as having art everywhere…and lots of flowers along the streets. I hope that hasn’t changed. Nice play by play, Tim!

    • Hi Mary Jo. The fire department is always out taking care of something or another. There are not many flowers along streets in Albuquerque. There are planters along Gold where they plant flowers, and I think there are some medians they plant flowers. They do landscaping along roads, but there are not a lot of flowers along roads in general. There is a lot of murals and artwork downtown.

    • Hi Tiffany. Karmann Ghias were super cool. We have a 1966 VW that is a faded fire engine red.

  3. Luckily enough there wasn’t too much smoke to spoil the almost blue sky I can see over the buildings! Nice series of pictures.

    • Hi Flo. A dinky dumpster fire has little effect on the big blue sky out here. We mostly have clear blue skies in the high desert. When I go places with lots of cloud cover it’s very depressing because I’m used to sunshine every day.

      • You are lucky! Here we have long Falls/Winters and quite a lot of rain. Long ago, I lived in some places where the sun was shining every day and I really appreciated that.

  4. Never a dull moment in Albuquerque!
    Fun shots. I can’t remember the last time I saw a pumper.
    Is that a crow mural on the side of the building, or signage for a business?

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