Dusk View

There are fewer cranes as they are starting to head north.

pTerodactyl at dusk.

More hangers-on

Daddy Owl is not perching for long at dusk. He is flying off in search of food for Mama Owl.

The pTerodactyl looking beautifully blue-gray in the twilight.

Are you there in the darkness Mama Owl?

Yes, she is there sitting on her eggs.

42 thoughts on “Dusk View

  1. You’ve shared some beautiful images here. Of course, I’m a huge fan of sandhill cranes, but you can’t go wrong with a GBH.

    • Attitude at altitude. I’m sure they let you know they are passing over. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

    • The cranes will be all gone in a few weeks. The PTers hang around all year. I saw three pTers the other night. Not a common sight. Thanks, Mary Jo.

  2. The first image of the cranes, that is like an Audubon plate. And, the pTero catching the last of the light (#2), that is a nice, nice natureshot.

  3. Gorgeous bird shots, Tim. It’s so cute the way Mama Owl just sits in that hole on the eggs.
    Eggs in hole! How long now?

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