Cracked Sky

The moon and Jupiter in a cracked sky

Amy Rose at Heaven On Earth commented: “So it seems you are becoming one who is hooked on astronomy.” I answered: “I’m always photographing the sky these days. That’s one of the most interesting things in my limited travels…” Since we moved out of downtown that was a longer commute and there were always photo opportunities, and since we presented papers at conferences remotely because of covid restrictions, almost all of my photography is from our property, the bosque, and the river. That includes a lot of sky photos day and night. Fortunately, we have interesting skies that are rarely the same, and the moon, planets, and stars are always changing positions and providing interesting challenges.


The moon and Jupiter with close together this morning.

Prickly Pear

Oxymorons: Spunk being sweet. The pTerodactyl stared me down on the levee.

The Rio Grande reflecting once again

Storm over the Sandias

Early Beaver Shot The Bunny


NE view of the Rio Grande on Wednesday evening. NE view of the Rio Grande this morning.

SE view of the Rio Grande on Wednesday evening. SE view of the Rio Grande this morning.

A beaver up and out at dawn.

Bunning through the fence.

Shots of the Bunny

pTerodactyl at dawn.

Spunk is a Cat Tree hugger.

We got a really violent thunderstorm this afternoon. The wind was strong, driving the rain sideways, and the visibility was low. The weather station recorded the event as producing 0.95 inches of rain. The wind-driven rain got almost everything on the deck wet.

The clouds right after the thunderstorm. Views looking east and west.

The clouds at 7:30 pm. Views looking east and west.

8:11 pm (official sunset). Views looking east and west.


Icy wind picks up
Pulls leaf free from snowbound hold
Underfoot no more

Today’s wind was favorable for the leaf that was snowbound last night. The leaf was blown free of its icy hold, left lying peacefully off to the side of the trail no longer underfoot. Below is The Who’s “I’m Free” live in 1977 to celebrate the leaf’s luck of the draw.

Daddy owl eyeing me through a tangle of twigs.

This American Coot was foraging on the sandbar. Then it started to take flight and decided against it.

pTerodactyl trying to hide behind a tumbleweed.

Venus at dawn under clear skies.

After having cloud cover for most of the day, these were the last few clouds hanging around at sunset.

Kitty Print

A kitty print. Which kitty remains a mystery.

Purple ice mimicking the pTerodactyl on the clearwater ditch.

pTerodactyl flying over the clearwater ditch

Sandias and cranes at dusk.

Purple Tangle Heart with crescent moon


Dusk and crescent moon

Persistence of dusk with crescent moon

Crescent moon


Laurie in the snow

We had our first snowstorm of the year. We have about four inches of snow so far and it’s down to 20ºF (-6.7ºC) as I write. It’s supposed to get into the single digits by morning.