Through The Humidifier Stripely

Spunk: “It looks like Beaker got a new humidifier.”

Beaker: “I’m looking through it all stripely.”

Gwendolyn: “Quick change Spunk! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Beaker: “Thanks for the new humidifier! I can breathe again.”

Spunk: “How did you do that you little brat?” Gwendolyn: “Ah ah ah ah…”

Gwendolyn: “Magic!”

Spunk: “I look great reflecting on the phone.” Gwendolyn: “I’m outta here.”

Beaker’s old humidifier started leaking, so I got him a new one. No sooner had I taken the humidifier out of the box, than Spunk jumped in it followed by Gwendolyn. Beaker gets his own private humidifier to help him breathe better. It’s so dry here that Beaker wheezes without the humidifier.

59 thoughts on “Through The Humidifier Stripely

      • I am online this semester. It’s busy. But so is for all of us. In the fall I will teach in person 😊 The thing is that I want to get vaccinated and I have no idea when that is going to happen.

      • I registered to be vaccinated at the end of December. I just got the notification and scheduled for round one today. I get the first shot on Saturday.

      • That’s great news Timothy. I think I managed to put myself on 10 lists and yesterday I got a reply from one place telling me that there are 600 000 people in front of me that should go first and thanking me for my patience. I understand that. I fully do. Yet I do not know why I am getting so impatient about the entire thing.

      • That doesn’t sound good. Our roll out has not made a lot of sense about who gets scheduled, but apparently NM is one of the top states for getting people vaccinated.

      • That’s great. It really is.
        I do understand that I do not meet the criteria and I need to wait.Yet emotionally it’s a different story.
        You guys take good care of yourself 🌸

    • They are tropical creatures, so they need more humidity than we have out here in the desert. Thanks, Tiffany.

    • So true, Flo. Our cats love boxes. Our dance room, which you see in the background with Laurie and I reflecting in the mirror, is always filled with boxes for the cats to play in. They also love the hammocks I’ve put on the walls near the ceiling on both sides of the room.

    • Hi Drew. Because we will buy toys for our cats. Besides loving boxes, our cats also love cat toys. I didn’t imagine how much our cats would love the cat trees I got them. Spunk is so creative he comes up with all kinds of games to play with almost anything he can get his paws and fangs on. He has a toy box that he takes toys out of every night to play with.

  1. I adore how sweet and caring you are with your pets!
    Spunkie-Poo πŸ’‹ definitely steals the post’s humidifier box. It’s quite neat the way he and Gwendolyn are staring at each other. Are they pals now?

    • Hi Resa. Spunk is getting the kittens to play all kinds of games with him. One of his favorite is his chase game where the kittens chase Spunk all over the house, catio and deck at top speed, bouncing off the walls and knocking over anything not fastened down or heavy enough to stay in place.

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