43 thoughts on “The Deal

  1. Hi Tim! Beautifully colorful photo, a gorgeous day under a super blue sky. I love the image captured in the rearview mirror and the color is also spectacular. While a lovely mural, the message does me in. Nice thoughts though.

    • Hi Mia. That mural has been there for many years. I hadn’t photographed in a long time because when I was parking in the garage I rarely went by that parking lot. Now I see the mural daily again.

  2. This photo has so many layers, it’s wonderful. The light, the mirror and reflection, the street scene, the mural — beautiful message, Timothy.

    • Hi David. Most murals get vandalized around here, but the murals on these buildings have not been vandalized for whatever reason.

  3. Awesome ~ you’ve captured two distinct and beautiful examples of magical lighting of photography. I’ve shot one photo of the golden soft light and then another separate shot of the hues of the shadows of such lighting, but never the creative way you shot both together yet distinctly in one shot. I’m stealing this method next time I have the chance 🙂

    • It worked very well for this shot, and the alley streamed the light just right. Keep your eye out. You will come up with some awsome shots. Thanks, Randall.

  4. The Deal ….. I’m sure it’s what the 2 guys on the left are cooking up. With a title like this, it can’t be the wonderful mural, or fab reflection shot!

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