Guess What’s 4 Dinner

Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Saturn for breakfast.

Jupiter, Venus, and Mars

I wonder what we are having for dinner?

Oh boy! Mama brought us a gopher!

Mama got in the nest and started feeding the owlets bits of gopher.

The biggest owlet climbed out of the nest while Mama still fed gopher bits to the other owlets.

Buddy is Wowled out. But there is still more to go, Buddy!

The next owlet got out of the nest, Mama fed the littlest owlet a few more gopher bits then she got out of the nest.

All three watched the smallest owlet gnaw on the gopher before Mama flew off to look for another gopher.

The two older owlets hung out on the edge for a while before one jumped back into the nest. The third owlet pondered the nest. It was getting dark when the feeding frenzy started, is was dark while the third owlet pondered, so we left it looking at its sibling.

Afternoon clouds looking southeast.

Looking west just before sundown.